What is our group identity here on Hungry Onion?????

(Junior) #1

Over on the other site we were “Hounds”…we would hold "Chow-downs’ etc. -Or- I mean from what I’ve read of you people who came here from that “other” site, I of course am new here. I’m NotJrvedivici…new member, no history, clean slate all of my virginous virtues. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So how do we refer to our collective selves here? I can see myself as a “Scrappy Scallion” -or- are we a “Sack of Shallots”?

What are some of your idea’s? I think at this stage we need some kind of common identity.


So far, I’ve heard Hunions, HO’s, Onions, alliums, Funyuns, and maybe some I can’t remember…



(Junior) #4

That’s pretty deep.

(Junior) #5

Funyun…or Funions…yeah I can be that!!!

FYI sprinkle a few Frenchies Funions on top of the melted cheese on your next onion soup at home!! Yummmy!!!

(Natascha) #6

I’m partial to HOs myself, but that’s probably cuz I came up with it.

(Junior) #7

I"m not sure I’m comfortable with call you a HO, Lingua.

(Natascha) #8

But are you comfortable with calling yourself a HO… that is the question.

(Junior) #9

If the size 14 shoe fits…

(Bruce) #10


No to Funyuns or any variation.

(Junior) #11

Onion-istas…interesting a little Latin flair. Or Starbucks too I guess. Hmmmmmm

(Gwenn) #12

Well, kind of like someone we know here, how about NotHounds

(Junior) #13

I think I resemble that comment. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Bruce) #14


Get-togethers could be Alliumni Reunions or ReOnions

Hunchos, Hunchoramas

(erica) #15

Though I came up with “Hunions”, I do like “Hunchos”.


I am! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Comfortable being called one, too.


I thought I did? Maybe I just thought it. GMTA. You can be a Chow Ho’ bu you cannot be a Chow Funion, really, can you?

(Junior) #18

Hunions…that has a nice feel to it, like the warm embrace of an old friend. (that use to be my line as I took the first sip of my martini…ahhhhhhhh like the warm embrace of an old friend sigh) .

(erica) #19

That’s what I was thinking when I came up with it.