What is Dirty Food?

I saw the term used in some restaurants review, a type of food, but what exactly is that? Does it mean fast food or unhealthy food?

Thanks for the enlightenment.

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It means the author made a poor choice of words.


Some really, really direct farm-to-table dining?


Seriously, though - ‘dirty’ as a type of food, not a specific dish such as dirty rice cooked with chicken offal or a dirty martini with olive juice?

There’s been so much talk of “clean eating” the past few years, I suppose they could mean the opposite - hyper-processed and full of additives.


Not according to the articles I was reading.

I gather they are usually high calorie or high sugar food, usually eat with hands, some types of comfort food. I even find BBQ in this category. Looks like it is a term mostly used in UK.

I found these articles:


The charm of dirty food from FT
(To see the article without subscription, try to search the title with Google.)


A horrible name for a catering company?

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Greasy, salty, sweet, overly processed

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This is the first time I’ve heard this.
Please write what you found already. It may be low-quality food, but this is just an opinion.

And here I was thinking it referred to food on the floor that had gone past the “5-second rule”.


I don’t know about “dirty”, but cheftestants are always saying the food they like to cook is “clean”.

This one I understand: whichever food scare topics have been in the news lately, “clean” food avoids those ones. But today’s “clean food” might be the target of tomorrow’s new food scare articles.

Ok so I appreciate everyone’s explanation of the term dirty food here is my take. I am in Canada and work at a Google 5 star restaurant. Have been in the bizz for 30 years. We still use the term in the industry but if it is used outside the industry I can only say my friends and coworkers’ friends also use it. It describes the type of food that makes you pop in awe. You see things put together slathered in out of the ordinary combinations, usually very greasy, cheesy, looks like fast food but takes a lot of work and steps and time to make but will make you excited, mouthwatering and eager to try. Nowhere near healthy as known by any Doctors. An example of this is my creation of; 12 slices of cheese piled, cut the middle out with a cookie cutter then wrap in bacon, drag in batter, deep fry, you now have a cheese bacon donut, fill the middle hole with ground seasoned beef and top with pickles, tomato and chopped lettuce and drizzle with roasted garlic mayo and sriracha, enjoy.


And now you know.

Edited to add: I’d like to see a picture of that.

And welcome to the camp :slightly_smiling_face:

Silly, no? I new restaurant opened by my camper called the Dirty Oar. Okay, it’s on the water, but think of every time someone calls to make a rez: “Hello, Dirty Oar.” Might come out a little differently than “Oar” to the listener.

Are you the madman behind Chef Club?

Holy sh–!

I think religious people use the term dirty food about the food they cannot eat for the Koran or Torah prescriptions. In any case, it seems logical to me.

I think religious people use the term dirty food about the food they cannot eat for the Koran or Torah prescriptions. In any case, it seems logical to me. However, it is worth noting here that a needy person who is looking for how to get free food does not attach importance to whether this food is allowed in his religious denomination or not. Because when you’re hungry, you agree to carry any food if it’s made of quality products. Therefore, probably the thermology of contaminated food is still how controversial.