What is Dirty Food?


I saw the term used in some restaurants review, a type of food, but what exactly is that? Does it mean fast food or unhealthy food?

Thanks for the enlightenment.

(Doo B. Wah) #2

It means the author made a poor choice of words.

(Andrea) #3

Some really, really direct farm-to-table dining?

(Andrea) #4

Seriously, though - ‘dirty’ as a type of food, not a specific dish such as dirty rice cooked with chicken offal or a dirty martini with olive juice?

There’s been so much talk of “clean eating” the past few years, I suppose they could mean the opposite - hyper-processed and full of additives.


Not according to the articles I was reading.


I gather they are usually high calorie or high sugar food, usually eat with hands, some types of comfort food. I even find BBQ in this category. Looks like it is a term mostly used in UK.

I found these articles:


The charm of dirty food from FT
(To see the article without subscription, try to search the title with Google.)


A horrible name for a catering company?

(Biscy) #8

Greasy, salty, sweet, overly processed