What have you purchased recently off the internet. Food wise . Or pots , pans . Etc.

Made In 12" blue carbon steel pan. Awesome cookware

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Here in the US I use free tool named camelcamelcamel to track prices on Amazon. Most recently, great deals on Triscuit minis, a variety of cat food, and kitty litter. Not very exciting.

Have you used it, and if so, how are you liking it?
Picture :pray: ?

A new mandoline to replace one that was finally too dull. Too bad the old one’s blades can’t be removed for sharpening.

Costco’s Kirkland Signature nut bars, which are a staple. New to me, their mixed nuts. VERY fresh. Because I’m Goldilocks when it comes to salt in nuts, I bought one canister of salted, one of unsalted, then mixed and repacked them - perfect!

August brand tea. I discovered it last year. To my surprise, because I have never been a tea fan save for Constant Comment, I LOVE the Cabaret blend, which is malty black tea with dark cherry and chocolate.

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Recently, as in the last year or so. Soda stream. Torani syrups to go with (many more flavors than avail in nearby stores). Balsamic syrup. Bomba rice. Multi-packs of pasta! All 3 either cheaper on the internet, or more varieties available than at the store. Thinking about a high end ice cream machine, but haven’t taken the plunge yet. Large storage containers for rice, flour, etc. Think that’s it for the kitchen.


I almost forgot tea. I really like the Celestial Zingers, for their tart flavor. They make great iced tea/sun tea. Groceries will typically only carry lemon and raspberry zingers. Online I’ve been able to find red zinger, cranberry apple zinger, and tangerine zinger. There is also a sangria zinger which I haven’t gotten to, and a watermelon-lime, which I’m not planning to get to :).

For those who, by need or preference, use gluten free pasta, we recently found a brand, on Amazon of course, that blows away everything else we’ve tried. It’s called Le Veneziane. Made in Italy. They offer shapes that we have not found elsewhere, such as fettucce nests (their spelling). Most of it is 100% corn. Taste is very very good, and unlike most GF pasta it keeps its shape well after cooking. Prices vary but you can usually find something reasonable especially in multi-packs.


I’ve got a hankering for crab and lobster.


Very pretty! And lobster and crab sounds divine!
It goes especially well with Veuve Cliquot, or so
I’ve heard tell…

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@johnb Only just seeing this, but some of my family eats gluten-free so this is good to know - thanks!

One of them doesn’t like the usual corn-based US alternatives (Barilla etc), but Jovial (rice based) has been a win for them - even us gluten eaters can’t tell the difference. It tastes good, holds shape, and so on. Available in many regular stores and on Amazon.

Gorgeous piece - and collection!

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A better question might have been what did we not buy off the Internet this past year…

Goldbely is a bad, bad site. Bad Goldbely!

Aside from that, indulging various interests-of-the-moment. I bought a baguette baker, and a half/square covered Pullman pan so I could experiment with less flour/dough.

Very recently - a new instant pot with sous vide functionality (supposedly) and a small vacuum sealer to go with it.

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Thanks. I’ll take a look. In general though my experience with rice-based pasta has shown that it doesn’t keep well, and even in a short time it breaks up in little pieces (due to lack of gluten - duh). Maybe these folks have found a mechanical way to solve the problem?

Similar issue with making béchamel with rice flour. It thickens up while you’re making it, but thins right back out very shortly afterwards and becomes at best marginally useful. I have found that instant potato flakes work better for most thickening and sauce-making jobs. There are no great solutions; wheat flour can’t be beat for most jobs, and finding alternatives that work well is a struggle!

I order Peets coffee beans and spices regularly from Amazon, but outside of those pantry staples I haven’t made many online food purchases recently. However, I left my day job last week (after 15 years with the company) and my bosses gave me a very generous gift card to Regalis Foods as a parting gift. I hadn’t heard of them before, but they carry high-end foodstuffs like caviar, imported Wagyu beef, fancy oils and spices, etc. I’ll be indulging in a shopping spree soon and will report back!


Congratulations! That is some website!


This is probably fodder for a different thread, but…

The Jovial actually holds up very nicely. I don’t like pasta leftovers in general, but the Mac and cheese did pretty well.

I do think overcooking affects any GF pasta worse than regular.

Re bechamel - I prefer a GF flour mix (like KAF) to rice flour or cornstarch for the base. And pureed cashews fix the texture/richness/mouthfeel/flavor issue better than anything else.

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Chain Mail Scrubber - for my cast iron skillets.


I was just looking at those yesterday and thinking it might be good to clean the grates on the grill. which are pretty gnarly Have you used it before? Does it work well?

I’d wanted one of these for a while now, as I think they look great. However, even a discounted $240 is just too much:

So thank you ebay, for sourcing a bnib example for less than $70. Yay!

I haven’t used it yet but will report back. That sounds like a good idea though for the grill.
I find there is always something to be scraped off on my cast irons that won’t come off with a scrub brush and water alone, so hoping this will solve that.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

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