What have you been watching lately? 2024 Edition

I watched what I will be watching EVERY summer in Berlin from now on: the Eurovision Song Contest Finale.

I thought Switzerland deserved the win, although France should’ve been rated higher. And I’m still bummed about Estonia finishing last. WTAF???

I also love that there is ZERO MENTION of the fact that the Finnish performer didn’t simply “step out of a giant egg,” but that HE WAS NAKED WAIST DOWN AND THE CAMERA FOLKS WERE DOING THEIR DARNDEST TO AVOID SHOWING HIS FLOPPY PEEN 😂🤣😂

Talk about burying the lede…


Not really my thing but as a resident of the Netherlands it was hard escaping the disqualification of our entry!! He was a strong favourite to win but apparently a #metoo moment, or something similar, happened behind the screens between him and a camera woman.

I’ve not watched this event since the 80s :wink:

No offense to your home country of choice, but I absolutely HATED the Dutch entry (among others, Latvia being a very close second).

I wanted to punch the screen when he was “performing,” so I was really happy he was disqualified :partying_face:

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The Equalizer / The Equalizer 2 / The Equalizer 3 - (2014, 2018, 2023) - dir. Anton Fuqua

In an oddly continuing theme, last weekend I burned through this series, based on yet another 80’s TV series I never watched. The parameters are similar to a number of other shows and films, both before and since: our protagonist (in the films, Robert McColl, played by the always commanding screen presence of Denzel Washington) is a former super spy / assassin / unstoppable killing machine who has somehow managed to stop. But his innate sense of justice won’t let him walk away when his regular-folks friends that he’s made are plagued by various baddies. And thus, lots of stabby, slice-y, shooty action and an ever-growing pile of goons, guards and thugs as Denzel hacks his way up whichever crime ladder he’s climbing 'til he gets to cut off the head.

Fuqua is a known quantity, specializing in these sort of macho shoot-em-ups, and have ranged anywhere from stunning (Training Day) to “on in the background while you fold laundry” (Olympus Has Fallen). The Equalizer films fall pretty squarely in the middle of that scale, with the first being an obvious cut above the rest, and in this case, the third being a half step up from the second. The actual antagonists barely matter, though various mafia organizations, Russian in 1, Italian in 3, are better than the weird quasi-govt. conspiracy nonsense of 2.

Washington is frankly too good for this sort of thing. He tries to make McColl into somewhat of a real person, giving him interesting personal tics and reflecting a lifetime of being a highly trained weapon, but the scripts more or less treat him like a flesh and blood Terminator, and there’s only so much you can build on that.

Still, if you need a quick an easy action fix, these aren’t bad. In the US, 1 & 3 are currently on Hulu, while 2 is on Netflix.


We finally watched Unfrosted last night, which was tangentially talked about here. It was a perfectly fine, occasionally funny flick. If yer bored on the couch on a Monday eve and looking for some very light entertainment & have very low expectations, it’s practically perfect.

We’d just finished watching a kinda disappointing Mexican horror flick and wanted to end the evening on a light note. It did the trick. Lotsa fun cameos.

I love all of those, except Training Day, which for some reason, probably a reputation for violence, I don’t want to watch. The violence in the rest of them don’t bother me, but I somehow think Training Day is different.

I think I can’t handle Denzel being a bad guy.

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We watched this tonight as well and enjoyed it. A cavalcade of stars! It’s not going to change cinema as we know it, but you can certainly do worse in the entertainment department.

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Bridgerton on Netflix - today!!!


I just came to say the same thing

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Watched The Promised Land / Bastarden with Mads Mikkelsen yesterday, which had been on our list for a while. A short summary of the plot: dude tries to grow potatoes where he shouldn’t, which really pisses off a massive douche bag – one of the most loathsome villains in recent film history.

Not for the faint of heart – it’s a Danish film, after all – with a stark, uncompromising look on the chaos of life, with just a tiny sprinkle of humor. Man, do I love Danish films.

But then I’d watch Mads Mikkelsen recite the phone book. He is incredible in everything I’ve seen him in, and now I want to rewatch Another Round / Druk.