What have you been watching lately? 2024 Edition

The incomparable Dame Maggie Smith:


Watched & just finished the very well done The Dry about an Irish woman’s attempt/struggle to stay sober amid having to deal with several things that would have anyone grab for the closest alcoholic beverage in no time. Yikes! The woman who plays the main character’s sister was also in the very good Obituary.

Another tense, creepy, disturbing horror/mystery flick from Australie, brought to you by the fairly reliable Shudder folks, You Will Never Find Me. Wow.


I just started watching Loudermilk starring Ron Livingston of Band of Brothers fame. It’s raunchy and funny but also serious.


still watching Shogun. i watch or at least peruse a lot of content. this is currently the best production being released imo.

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Finalllllly watched American Fiction and enjoyed it.


I started Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy, after not watching any episodes for 2 years.

Ron Livingston of Band of Brothers fame. .

This phrase tickles me because it makes be think about how Livingston or his career can serve as a barometer of demographic alignments. I would have thought of him as of Office Space fame… and some circles will think of him principally as Berger, who broke up with Carrie by post-it note in Sex and the City. I wonder if there’s other actors like that…

Two come to my mind immediately:

David Duchovny - X-files vs. Californication (which I could never get into, unfortunately & surprisingly).

Bill Macy - Magnolia, Fargo - vs. Shameless

What’s funny is the BoB demographic and the Loudermilk demographic likely have little overlap besides me :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Fargo might be in my all time top ten. Watched a few seasons of Shameless.

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I read Shogun years ago when it first came out and have never been able to get part of the book out of my mind. Every time I hear mention of Shogun I can’t help but think of that poor guy simmering away. Yes, he was a royal pita but still. omg

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Same. The Coen œuvre takes up at least two slots, if not three (Lebowski being another one).

I thought the first 2/3 were good, and then it went pretty steeply south.

I’m struggling a bit with this. I like it, but I want to like it more.

I have seen every episode, because I am basic.

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I agree.

Not saying I’m one of them. I’m team Office Space although tend to have a weird capacity for being human IMDb.

Also Office Space is one of the great films, along with Idiocracy which is turning out to be a documentary pre-enactment.

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I have never seen Office Space, which is a serious character flaw, and I found Idiocracy simultaneously hilarious and profoundly depressing. Luckily I was at a screening at City Winery and thus able to dull the pain.

I tried watching Idiocracy a while ago, but couldn’t get through it. Bad timing, I suppose. Might have been more palatable when it first came out IYKWIM :wink: