What happened to the price of chicken liver?

Why is it so expensive now?

Organic - it’s more expensive than b/s thighs, and equal to b/s breasts. Wtf?

Non-organic - the disparity can be even worse (near me in nyc anyway).

Any insights?

Not sure why that is over with you, but here in the UK we pay about $1.80/lb for livers and $3.30/lb for skinless & boneless thighs. Both standard (i.e. non -organic) pre-packed from a large supermarket.

I’ll have to check at my markets. The only clue I could find was a commodities report from last week. It indicated that most chicken sales (US) were down. With fewer orders perhaps that left even fewer available livers since a whole bird usually comes with the pack of giblets?

Robin - FWIW, Waitrose stocks organic chicken livers at £6.71 per kg (significantly cheaper than thighs). Their basic non-organic product is £2.88 per kg.

It’s not something I buy regularly so have no idea if there’s been a recent price increase such as suggested for NYC by Saregama.

My best guess is that chicken livers have become a specialty product that’s sought out by someone. I mean, people and restaurants always made pate, so that’s hardly new. So what’s the new demand?

Marrow bones used to be relatively inexpensive. Now they’re $3.99/lb near me (non-organic). With the proliferation of bone broth enthusiasts, pricing changed to adjust to increased demand, rather than relative to other beef products.

Ditto chicken wings. At TJ, frozen organic ones are about $3.50/lb. Their fresh organic chicken legs are $1.99. Mix of legs and very meaty breasts are $2.99. Makes no sense, other than demand-based pricing - people will pay up for wings as a specialty cut.

So… who’s suddenly using all these chicken livers? :joy:

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The nasty bits have gone main stream


Along with oxtail, lengua, shin, cheek :sob:


You two list “chef-fy” choices that now are staples of trendy menus.

Mom made head cheese using chicken livers, etc. We grew up feasting on budget food: fish, flank steak, beef shanks, shrimp, crab, etc. that today command big numbers owing to newfound interest in the stuff of staff meals. Nowadays, you can often buy steakhouse cuts for the same price as skirt, flank, even hanger, so guess what we usually grill and stir fry?

Just bought oxtails which went in the SV at 180/24hr. Chilled and in the fridge. A blank canvas for several applications

Tonight was caldo verde after seeing I bought a big bag of kale after buying one the other day and having a freezer filled with containers of chicken stock

One down!

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I’d like to know how you make your caldo verde - did you grow up with it?

No, didn’t grow up eating it.

Big bag of cut kale always thickens my blood ;).

I start with a few cloves of garlic and diced onion. Then in goes sausage. For me (my wife) it’s turkey kielbasa sausage, kale and chicken stock then time or thyme😋. Crushed red to finish




Oxtails are part of the “gimme gelatin” group, lengua - tacos.

But I haven’t seen a surge in chicken liver recipes or ubiquitousness on restaurant menus to explain their price spike. :thinking: