What happened to my Pot?

I use this pot exclusively for canning. The bottom burned in 2 spots and are raised bumps.
Is this a defect or a common occurence?
Is it safe to use?

Excessive Heat caused this.

I do not know if it is safe.

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It looks like a partial disk delamination. Probably safe to continue using. If all you’re using it for is canning, unevenness at the delam spots shouldn’t matter.


Perfect thank you Kaleo, I was worried about it possibly catching fire. So I feel better about using it now.

Discoloration itself is not a problem at all. However, if you feel there are raised bumps then Kaleo is correct. There is some delamination. It is very likely safe to use, but the performance has been affected. You should keep an eye on it. It won’t catch fire.


The raised bumps are there yet don’t show up on the photo very well.
Naturally, they become larger once heated.