What food describes you?

I’m totally stealing this from a Facebook group I’m in because I loved the answers and reasons people gave! (Plus I’m in major procrastination mode since April 15th is approaching…)

Make it funny: What food describes your personality? Why?
Can be anything: fruit, herb, ingredient, prepared food, your choice.


Crab all the way

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LOL, I debated about responding as Queen crab! However I’ll have to go as Dessert Deb since a circle of friends nick named me that. I typically always take a couple pies or baked goods of some kind. If I’m running late they start to worry, not about me but rather their dessert.

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Hmm. Banana maybe.

I’m rarely straight about anything and you have to peel away a layer to see what I’m really like.

(May I ask what is the significance of 15 April, please? I Googled and I doubt whether its the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic or the disaster at Hillsborough football ground. )

Onion. Nobody really knows me. Intensely introverted and private. Keep peeling the layers only to find more layers underneath. I’m not “secretive”, it’s just that it takes a lot of energy to invest in someone or something (emotionally or not).


(April 15 is tax day in the US)

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Yep, as ernie said, last day to file for state and national income taxes in the USA. At this point I’m feeling the Titanic would be marginally more appealing since there were some lifeboats…

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Baked shrimp. (I don’t think this is an actual food, though.) And when I dined out as part of a group more often, my friends called me The Empress of Brunch. (Also not an actual food.)

What a perfect way to sum up this shit show … more hope being a passenger on the Titanic than a citizen of the US

A pickle. I started out young and fresh. Now I’m (hopefully) well preserved, still have some snap and might make someone pucker up in the right circumstance!


Not really a food but in my family (immediate & extended) I’m called Kay the Cook. I will get calls from all over the country with cooking questions. One of my cousins asked a few years ago if he could use walleye for sushi. I had no idea if he could or not so I talked him through a ceviche recipe. Apparently it went over really well.

Birthday cake. Live everyday in celebration.



This sounds like Keith Richards! :smile:

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Artichoke. Prickly and complicated on the outside, but with a soft heart.


LOL too funny! I wonder if she goes to that elite clinic in Switzerland where Keith goes to detoxify and get his blood completely cleansed to recirculate in his rejuvenated body. However, well preserved he is not.
You gotta love it that he’s still rocking on though…

meatn3, I’m sure you’re much better preserved than Keith!


I may have to rethink that one…

Except for those of us in Massachusetts and Maine, where we have until the 17th in 2019 because of the state holidays (Patriots Day).

As for the food that describes me? I’m going with boneless, skinless chicken breast. Because it’s rather boring, but can be made many ways. I’m usually pretty damn boring, but on occasion can be spicy, savory, or sweet, depending on my mood.


Great answer! So great I’m going to steal it :grinning:

It’s probably the protein I use the most. I can take it Asian, Mediterranean, American, Latin . . . it’s so boring in and of itself that it can take on whatever flavors you combine it with. And I too can take on the personality of the group (ingredients) that surround me . . . sometimes serious and calm, other times bitingly sarcastic, sometimes funny, other times empathetic.


I would generally say crab for me too (just ask my coworkers), but that’s almost too easy.

A more creative, but still honest, answer may be pork belly. Generally people may find me quite palatable, but you can have only so much of me and then you’re done. I’m best when taken in moderate doses. :joy:

Or bitter melon - you may not really like my flavor, but I’m good for you!