What do you do with saffron?

A thread on saffron tea:


chestnut honey is the reddish burnt sienna color.

Accacia in italian or Acacia in Spanish or English, is a flower species … it is honey …

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The bottles or jars are not saffran.

They are 2 Types of honey …


I once had a small bottle saffron vinegar, bought from small French producers, it was very good, not something that one sees often though.

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Very interesting.

Flos is a small Italian boutique producer of Saffran.
The owners, are Friends of dear Friends of our´s.

Thanks for the feedback … Have a lovely weekend.

Lovely products and all are “biologique” or ecological …

Yes, saffran vinegar is amazing.

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I remember eating (non oriental) desserts with saffron.

Kashmir - Soft biscuit with almonds base, compote of orange and date perfumed with saffron, crème brûlée with saffron, and vanilla mousse. (From Des Gâteaux et du Pain)



Wow … Exceptionally remarkable !

Looks wonderful !!!

To All,

Thank you for all the ideas, using Saffran.

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Provençal Fish Soup, this is a fine idea.


Spanish Saffran, is profilically grown in the Toledo Province of Castilla La Mancha and the harvest season is September 28th - or the last week of September.

I use it in our Spanish Rice dishes.

In my Risotto, I prefer the Italian …

Asian Cuisines & Mid Eastern or North African: I tend to avoid preparing at home due to the fact that the ingredients are not so easy to get my hands on, and even when we can, what do we do with the left over ingredients and the key: if they are not ecological or bio, I shall not purchase … We like to know what we are eating …

I made a fish Tagine, however, all the ingredients were standard and easy to purchase.

So, we prefer to dine out or lunch out cuisines that are not Mediterranean on occasion.

We have alot more Access to Mediterranean Markets and local Barcelona and Girona farm ingredients based in Spain. And dear Friends in both Italy and Provençal France.


Always use it with mussels & fennel etc.


That’s what I thought was in those bottles.

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Saffron cream sauce for seared scallops.


Saffron added to Mashed potatoes is pretty darn tasty. Add to melted garlic butter and fold in.


Thanks for the suggestions & feedback.

Not trying to start a fight, but I’ve had paella and other dishes where I’ve had saffron and I’d be darned if I can tell you what saffron tastes like. It sure does lend a pretty orange-y color to some dishes though. I find that when I’ve had it, it is blended in with so many other herbs or flavors that it might have overpowered what aroma or taste saffron is supposed to have. So I don’t even think about adding saffron to anything – which is a good thing, because it would make a dent in my wallet otherwise.

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When I brew saffron tea the flavor comes through. Since a little goes a long way, and less IS just right, saffron doesn’t need to break the bank. I am familiar w/ 3 sources my fav being:

I think I had the same feeling when I was quite stingy in the past. At one point I decide to add them a bit more generously and used the trick of a seller, crush the pistils to have flavour coming out. Also, the quality of saffron is important too. I bought a bigger jar direct from the farmers, instead of the tiny portion of inferior quality from the supermarket spice section.


Lussekatter and Cornish saffron buns
Ottolenghi’s saffron and white wine poached pears