What do I have here? -French bistro plates

I have a or 2 to 3 dozen of these in several colors stripes with varying amounts on them. Most all of them are made by Pillivut and state ‘made in France’

The one odd one there is P &F Sussessieurs, Paris.

I think.

My google foo is failing me. I know places like William
Sonoma sell versions of these, but I’m.womderong if I have something worthwhile or ‘vintage’, or can these go to goodwill?

Notably, nothing I can find on the current Pillivuyt website resembles these at all.

Anyone know anything?


No idea what those plates actually are, but I would be using them all the time. I love the aesthetic!


Saucers to absinthe mugs, according to google lens and Sur la Table

Like kaiten sushi plates, but with drinks.

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Your little plates are vintage (and/or repro) bistrot “order checks”. Your plate showed how much you owed; you left cash on it to cover charges.

The older ones are worth some small money. I would contact a vintage kitchen dealer, such as SF’s "Cookin’ ".


I think they are awesome. I love Pillivuyt (and Apilco) anything. Use them all the time. They are lovely.m


Inquire at Replacements.com?