What are your kitchen quirks?

Whoa, and folks think I am overly serious about my sponge hygiene! I bow to you. Do you nuke it during the week, too?


It’s a very neat place if you need to dust a cake with a lot of chocolate powder on it.


No one is allowed in my kitchen. I do not need any help. I do not like the way someone does anything in there. Even my partner, who is “well trained” in our kitchen, still manages to get on my nerves sometimes when slicing or preparing something.

There’s a sign in my kitchen that reads “I’m the cook. You do nothing!”. It’s a funny sign, had to get it when I saw it in Germany.

Not a neat freak but am very much a clean freak!

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That’s awesome. Of course, doesn’t everyone always congregate there?!

Here is an Easter family photo in my uncle’s home kitchen (that’s him with the tell-it-like-it-is apron). At a certain point, he could no longer get things done with everyone underfoot and would yell, “Would you get the hell outta my kitchen?!!!” And no, I am not the little girl in the hat, but that is my grandmother and my cousins.


I hate other people in the kitchen when I’m doing some serious cooking! Go away, go outside, but please GO!
Also, I have two drying towels–one for pots and pans (heavy waffleweave cotton) and one for glassware (pure cotton, washed so many times there is no lint). I go berserk when someone uses the terrycloth for glassware, or the glassware cloth for my pasta pot! That is why guests stay as far away from the kitchen as possible. . . .


I don’t dare try to do this any more. Else, the smell will be that of burning and the sound will be the crackling of flames … So I have to set a timer to remind myself to check things. My sense of time is totally shot.

I have become this way myself. If I can’t use teflon pan liners for something (great for baking cookies, cakes, etc but useless for anything greasy) then the non-stick foil comes out.

As for “sponge hygiene” - the only hygienic sponge is an imaginary sponge!

There is ONE sponge on the sink. It is there only because I have been totally unsuccessful in weaning my son off the nasty nasty kitchen sponge thing.

I have a couple of sets of cheap plain white washclothes. Yes, out of the bath towel aisle. I also have several all cotton dishclothes that I knitted or crocheted myself, except for one ancient dishcloth that my step-mother crocheted something like 30 years ago.

These are replaced DAILY. DAILY. And they are washed separately with a hefty helping of bleach and hot water and much soakage. And no fabric softener. On particularly busy days, I may go through three of these.

I toss the sponges every chance I get. Scrub brushes are just way more effective anyway, and they go through the dishwasher just fine.

Come to think of it, I have to wonder if the only reason my son cleaves unto the nasty nasty kitchen sponge idea is that it frequently gets him out of taking a turn doing whatever hand-washing of dishes and other kitchen accoutrements needs to be done.

I grew up ln a house like that. Never has a dish spent a night in the sink or a stray morsel remaned on the kitchen floor. No matter how late a party went and they can throw em the kitchen got cleaned. To my parents horror i just dont care and can sleep like a baby with a sink full of dishes. They don’t visit often.

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My biggest quirk is dealing with other people in my kitchen. I LOVE having them there, but:

  2. If I 'd like help, I’ll ask.
  3. No washing or cleaning up. If you insist, you can bus, but don’t spread it out over Hell’s Half Acre.
  4. After I sit down to eat, you’re your own bartender/server.
  5. Hands off my knives.
  6. No metal utensils near my copper.
  7. Go home when I start turning off the lights.
  8. Any phone or device at table goes into the soup…

I blame my mom!! Haha- she’s always done this since forever so it’s “normal” to me. Tempted by nuking but don’t want sponge funk in my microwave:P

I’m kind of that way with dishes too, though I sometimes will take a break before I clean up. But no dishes or pots get left overnight unless they need a serious soaking for cleaning.

If there is a pair of chopsticks, a spoon, or a dish that is on the dish rack, use that! Don’t grab another clean one/pair from my cupboards or my drawers.

All the knives in my knife block need to be facing the same direction.

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For me, not only they are facing the same direction, but they need to follow a certain order.


Yes, each knife has its place and is lined up like my own little knife army in their intended order. :slight_smile: Mine are on a magnetic strip, but same deal.

EXCEPT TODAY, when I just happened to glance up and see this. Do you have a person like this in your life?! I do. Always some goofy little trick or thing left upside-down or out of place to let me know “I was here!” Sfaccimm!!! :laughing:

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I think most people do that.

I think it’s an indicator of an individual’s personal level of crazy to do anything but. :wink:

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Sponge Funk, lol. I am so stealing that! My sponges get sprayed with dilute chlorine spray occasionally and nuked nightly… if they look dirty or less than fresh, I rotate the counter sponge to floor status and the floor one to garbage or to my garage so my husband won’t take a kitchen sponge for grill or other disgusting cleaning jobs outdoors.

I never use my kitchen sponges on dishes, just counters or the floor.

I forgot to mention that no one, not even my beloved husband, touches my knives. They are sharpened to my specifications, arranged as I like them to be, and if I need to threaten an intruder, I’ll grab a knife from the barbecue/cooking outside drawer, but not one of my good knives!

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I let everyone BUT my husband touch my good knives! Over the years I’ve had to replace or just live with good knives he’s used to cut open packages, twine, just anything. He’s allowed to use cheap serrated ones and the little paring knife if he hand washes it, but only on food.

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Ouch. Ouch.