What are your kitchen quirks?

I actually think these make perfect sense, but that’s because they’re my quirks. I’ll go first.

  1. Don’t walk away from the kitchen till you clean up. No dishes left in the sink. Exception: a pan that may need to soak before cleaning the next day. Wipe down the stove and countertops.
  2. My water glass is the first glass on the left on the bottom shelf of the cupboard. It sometimes has water in it, but gets cleaned at the end of each day. Any other glasses or mugs are fair game for anyone else to use.
  3. There are 21 Frosted Wheats in a serving and I know this because I will count off 21 of them each time I have a bowl. I fully embrace this is somewhat obsessed, but I otherwise don’t count anything I eat, including calories. :slight_smile:

OK, who’s next? I’m exiting the kitchen quirks confessional …

I wish I have this quirk because I am the opposite and my kitchen is a mess.

Is lack of cleaning a quirk? Or do we have to do something excessive to be a quirk. If so… let me think…let me think…

I don’t know if this is a quirk because I can stop doing this anytime. I tie a leather belt onto the oven handle. It is for me to strop my kitchen knives (after knife sharpening). However, I do this less frequent than once a month, so most of the time the belt is just sitting there and it does not bother me. I am sure it will drive other people crazy.

Oh shoot, I hit delete instead of edit. No idea how to get it back!

Anyway, wondered if people came over and wondered what was up with the belt. You could be funny about it and use it as a threat: Now, don’t make me use the belt!!!

And when I first saw your photo, I thought you were going to say you tied it there as a reminder not to turn on the oven because you left something inside! I actually used to work with a lady who never cooked and stored things in her oven like extra cabinet space. Go fig!

Sometime the truth is scarier. I bet if I tell people that

“This belt is here because I sharpen my knives all the time and the leather belt is to make them extra sharp”

Then they will be more scared.

Well, I actually have never used my dishwasher. I have thought about using it as a storage space but for whatever reason I have never done this.

HA! It would be great for storing extra glasses or dishes, but only up until someone comes over and tries to be “helpful” by loading it up with dirty dishes.

And totally agree–much scarier. Like, “Oh, look at the time! I didn’t realize how late it is and must be going. RIGHT NOW!”

after turning off stove, smell three times, make sure nothing is leaking. I use gas one.

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I hate standing over the stove stirring . I can sit back in my recliner with a beer or a glass of wine . I go by smell and sound . Oh , time to get up and stir the pot or other tasks . I have been doing it so long I know what’s happening.

That’s a SKILL–whenever I multitask, I’m going by smell or sound because something is starting to burn or bubbling over. :wink:

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What a great idea! My husband has something similar in the bathroom for his straight razor. I might have to add this to my kitchen.

Hmmm, 50 shades of kitchen play. Hey wait, wasn’t there a Mickey Roarke moive with a scene like this?

I have a counter/table sponge and a floor sponge, two different places and colors and they are never to meet. I nuke them regularly just in case.

I have to start with a very clean, clear field and I have to clean, as I go; at the end of most prep, there is at most one dish or pan to deal with only, post meal.

I can’t stand to leave anything in the sink overnight, if the dishwasher as just run or is late in the cycle, I hand wash and dry anything I use rather than face it next day.

I will never have faucet handles that need to be touched with my hand to use, just a single lever I can hit with the back of my hand or wrist for avoidance of contamination.


You and I would get along like a house on fire in the kitchen! :grinning:

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With Kim Basinger.

[quote=“kattyeyes, post:1, topic:407, full:true”]
I actually think these make perfect sense, but that’s because they’re my quirks. I’ll go first.

  1. Don’t walk away from the kitchen till you clean up. No dishes left in the sink.

Also, I’m kind of addicted to non-stick foil. Pretty much every dish that goes in the oven gets lined. That’s probably more lazy than quirky though.
Quirky would be my obsessive use of those disposable gloves. If I touch anything while prepping food, spice bottles, oil container, etc., I change gloves before I’ll touch the food again. At least they save me from washing my hands way more than I do already. My in-laws think I’m a bit nuts:-)


That was Robert Palmer’s first choice before someone got to him–you know, "Might as well face it, you’re addicted to gloves … " :smile_cat:

I can think of many worse obsessions for sure.


For you, buddy, because you make me grin. Here is my Queenie in the dishwasher.


I can’t go to sleep or leave my apartment with dirty dishes in the sink.
I have a random assortment of silverware yet use and love the last remaining fork of its kind. I may have to switch to spoon food and finger food exclusively if it ever runs off to find its’ long lost relatives.
I take out the garbage every single morning. every sunday i use the “old” sponge for cleaning yucky stuff and throw it out- and take out a new sponge for the week. Thank you amazon subscribe and save for enabling this dysfunction.


CK, I’m having a really hard time imagining stropping a knife on that belt that’s wrapped around the handle of the oven door… Doesn’t each stroke pull the oven door open a bit? That would drive me crazy!

Nah, I don’t push that hard during stropping. I think I have to push very hard to even slightly open the oven handle.