What Are Your Favorite Spices From Penzey's?

Bavarian Seasoning
Bicentennial Rub
Tuscan Sunset
Northwoods Fire Seasoning
Ozark Seasoning
Vanilla Extract

My one disappointment has been Mural of Flavor, which to me tastes so strongly of citric acid that it overwhelms everything else. I thought of trying Fox Point,but I’d prefer a salt-free mixture for everything but meat rubs. Suggestions?

Short cut in a quick pan sauce usually. Sometimes in other cooked prepartions calling for chopped onions. Lately on sliced tomatoes with S&P and olive oil, basil, if I’m leaving them to sit for a bit.

They just released a salt-less fox point. It’s called Justice.


Sunny Paris is similar but saltfree IIRC.

Tuscan Sunset.


White Pepper - Coarse Grind
Greek Seasoning
Arizona Dreaming Seasoning
Orange Peel
And of course Aleppo Pepper.


Welcome to the conversation!

What do you like to do with the orange peel? I have it but seldom use it because my recipes often require fresh juice. So I end up using the zest so as not to waste.

Welcome Robert! The Aleppo pepper is pretty fabulous isn’t it? I love many of their spices and blends. Please post some of your specialties on the WFD thread.

Hey meatn3, Thanks for the welcome!

I always use the Orange Peel in pancakes, along with their Single Strength Vanilla and Nutmeg. From there, it’s all spur of the moment: blueberries, chopped pecans, dash of salt, overripe bananas, etc.

The scent of the Penzy’s Orange Peel is amazing. Much like their freeze dried minced garlic, which I always keep on hand as well in the event that I’m short a clove when I need one. Great stuff that.


Thanks to you also Lambchop,

I shall indeed post further. Took me a moment to figure what WFD meant. Tonight I made J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s Instapot Chicken Enchiladas. Excellent.

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Good to know about the enchiladas, great tip! And your pancakes sound fantastic! Glad to have you here :blush:

I love their orange peel. I use it in a cookie recipe that my late stepfather used to Hoover up at Christmas - Orange-Spice Chewies. The dough is rolled into balls and then rolled in a sugar-orange peel mixture, then baked. SO good!

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I use the chipotle powder as a replacement for any application where I’d use canned chiles in adobo, and then some.

For example: Sometimes in guacamole, often with roasted winter squash and its seeds, in chili and stew, and on the skin of roast chicken (taking care the chile does not burn and become bitter).

Where I go out of the normal bounds is that I like a hint of the stuff on a peanut butter and honey sandwich. I enjoy the smoky, spicy note. Fair warning that I’m a chilehead so not sure if others would find that pleasant or even tolerable.


I miss their retail locations. I recall the first time I walked into their long-gone Huntington LI NY store. Kid in a candy store! We were undertaking a major spice cabinet overhaul and when the basket got heavy, we brought it to the counter to unload and began shopping round two. The store was effectively empty - one, maybe two other customers and the saleswoman who was, I’ll say fussing, all about the store.

When we returned to the register with the 2nd and final haul, she rang us up and announced the total. I pointed out that she had omitted the initial pile, which was oddly no longer apparent. Yes indeed, while we were shopping round two, she’d been very busy returning each and every bottle we’d first selected back to their shelves. Truly remarkable; but well worth it: I just reminded my wife of the tale and though over 15 years have since passed, we both again laughed like that kid in the candy store.

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Thanks for your suggestions. I already use Tuscan Sunset. I hadn’t realized that Justice was salt-free Fox Point, so I will try that and Sunny Paris.


Justice just came out like a month ago.


Sunny Paris
Granulated Air-Dried Shallots
Arizona Dreaming
Minced Toasted Onion
Korintje Cinnamon
Vietnamese Cinnamon
India Special Extra Bold Pepper (although we have a jar of Tellicherry we plan to try)
Ground Red Chipotle Pepper
Hungarian Sweet Paprika

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That sounds like some good picks! Tell me, how do you use the Arizona Dreaming? It’s one of their blends that I oddly don’t care for. I ran across a little yesterday while organizing my spices, and mixed it with a little bbq blend with cocoa. Think we’ll use it up as a pork rub tomorrow and see how it turns out. I do like Penzey’s Southwest seasoning a lot.

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In prepared foods that already have a southwestern bent, like Amy’s Black Bean Chili, or their Southwestern Vegetable Soup. SO adds it to dry soup mixes. I’ve added it to a salad dressing as well.

Thanks celeryvictor!

Love their paprikas too. Last night it was chicken paprika with dried porcini mushrooms and we used regular sweet paprika with about 1/2 tsp of their half sharp paprika for a little bite. It was delicious and the first time using the half sharp. I’ll have to order more soon.

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