What Are Your 3 Favorite Desserts?

We ate at Emilio’s in 2013. Place was all but empty so absolutely no vibe. Main courses were distinctly underwhelming but desserts werent bad at all. My notes remind me that we didnt have tiramisu there but I did have a very decent cannolo. By the by, the previous night we’d eaten at Zynodoa and, as at Emilio’s, it was dessert that was the most enjoyed course which is pretty unusual for us.

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Apparently it’s a small city with a big sweet tooth?

If I recall, their fried mozz app was very good too. Maybe it was just my low expectations for a small southern city and being surprised.

Thanks! It sounds delicious, what’s not to love? I know some people aren’t marzipan fans, but I’m not among them.

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Lemon meringue pie, very tart
Bananas Foster
Eclair, good ones are hard to find these days.

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Sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream
Lemon bars
Linzer torte

Boterkoek and Gevulde Koeken are tied for # 1


hazelnut-Raspberry Linzer Cookies and coconut macaroons dipped in really good dark chocolate are also in a dead heat
macaroons should look like this

any dessert that features mocha and apricot


Saint Honore
Carrot Cake
Black Forest Cake

Boysenberry pie (double crust).
New York cheesecake, with almost any fruit or fruit preserve topping.
Butter pecan (or black walnut, which is hard to find around here) ice cream with hot carob fudge sauce and freshly whipped cream.

For things I make myself shortbread, esp. lemon-lavender and lemon-sage. And pumpkin/sweet potato pie.

Mr Rat is way bigger on desserts than me, but he’s not much of a chocolate person either.
His favorite birthday cake is those Chinese sponge layer cakes with whipped cream between the layers and topped with fresh fruit and syrup, the kind they make at Fay Da.

Be warned that if you see princess cake at a bakery or restaurant it’s often made with fondant on the outside instead of marzipan so be sure to ask

Most favorite of all time that will never be displaced as #1 is my late grandma’s pecan pie, she made pies daily for several decades for grandpa’s restaurant and apparently practice really does make perfect

My mom’s german chocolate cake which is a rare occurrence, even more rare since i live across the country. It’s the cake from the baker’s chocolate bar but the frosting recipe came from elsewhere

Mom’s fudge is legendary with good reason, another example of decades of practice.

I have tried countless versions of all three and ultimately gave up since all have paled in comparison.

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I absolutely love marzipan. Marzipan with chocolate and raspberry all in one place are killer!


I regret that I didn’t try it when in Stockholm a few years ago. Every pastry shops and café carried them, most of them were of at least 4 or 6 servings though.

I forgot about this cake. A family friend made it when I was young. I’ve never tasted another that comes close!

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I had no idea. I know they’re two different things, but does it make a big difference? I’m not very knowledgeable baking-wise…Also I only have princess cake a couple of times a year, so i’m not very discriminating!

Coconut tres leches cake
Mocha hazelnut torte
Apple pie sweetened with maple syrup

I never thought about using other cookies for a crust, like using graham crackers. Brilliant idea, and I do love pecan sandies. Now you have me thinking


Mom’s homemade apple pie with ice cream or a slice a sharp cheddar.
Anything with chocolate.
Crime Brûlée-Finding a good version of this is soooo hard. Most restaurants I’ve been to carmelize the sugar long beforehand & it’s never crispy.

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rice pudding
butterscotch pudding



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Oh my gosh…! So tragic you didn’t try one!
My mom loves to bake and loves that cake so she made so many to practice. The delicate cake with the jam layer inside and marzipan combo is very delicious.

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