What are you making with your leftover corned beef, etc.?

Feeling uninspired beyond hash. Need some inspiration - thanks!

We were supposed to have three days of Corned beef, but we had leftovers to eat on the day I slow cooked it so it was only two days. Day one was a delicious hash with fried eggs and day two was reuben sandwiches. I also had an idea for doing a pierogi bake with some of the other leftovers, but it didn’t make it past the idea stage. Reuben dip is also always popular.

corned beef hash inspires me. It’s on the menu for tomorrow morning.

Bubble & Squeak as a breakfast.

I like to put it in gari foto.

It’s pretty easy to freestyle a soup from the leftovers of a boiled dinner. Use either beef or chicken broth/stock, cook barley, rice, or beans in it, along with fresh-cut aromatic vegetables, then chop up your leftovers and add. You may want to make it more piquant with the addition of honey, mustard, and/or horseradish. Melt Swiss cheese on rye toast to accompany it.

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It’s sort of weird, but I love making corned beef matzo ball soup. I save and render the fat from the beef, and then use it instead of schmaltz or oil in the matzo balls, and then use the cooking liquid to make the broth. Bits of carrots and potatoes also show up, if they didn’t all go into the hash already.

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