What are you making for the Oscars?

So far all I’ve thought of is jambalaya and green chile cornbread. Other thoughts?

I suppose veal (or chicken) Oscar would be the appropriate dish.

That said, it sounds vile to me coming as it does with the meat topped with crab and bearnaise. I reckon that manages to ruin three lovely ingredients simply by putting them together.


I had Veal Oscar at San Diego’s Coronado Hotel dining room (Prince of Wales Room?) when I was in high school. I think I ordered it because it seemed unusual, but it was icky!

How about Indian food–particularly jalebis–in honor of “Lion.” It was the protagonist’s encounter with Indian food at a party in Australia when he was a young adult that stirred memories of his Indian childhood and led him to search for his family.

Or fondue in honor of “La-La Land”–a truly cheesy movie. 14 noms? Really?

Some Persian food or tea, toast and sardines for “A Man Called Ove.”


Oooh . . . How could I forget? Potato Salad for “Florence Foster Jenkins!” Bathtubs full of it :grinning:

Since it’s only two days from Mardi Gras, I’m doing New Orleans. I just made dirty rice and gumbo, tomorrow will be jumbalaya and corn bread. Hurricanes are on the menu too!

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Probably Chile Colorado . I won’t be watching much of it . But I’ll bet my Oscar Myer wiener with mustard and onions , maybe with a sliced pickle for lunch . That LA LA Land takes best picture .:high_heel:

That movie was awesome.

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Wasn’t it? That and “Lion” were by far my two favorite movies of the year. I’m so disappointed FFJ isn’t getting more Oscar love. I thought Helberg and Grant were both supporting actor worthy.

I think part of the problem was that some media (i.e., my local Philadelphia Inquirer) wrote it up as a sort of slapstick musical comedy :cry:

Well… let’s not forget that The Martian was nominated for the comedy category :astonished:

I’ve not seen any of the nominees (my bad) and couldn’t watch last night due to work. I missed allllll the awards shows this year, which is a bummer – I used to host red carpet events with my gal pals so we could take apart everyone’s gowns… maybe next year :slight_smile:

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Nocturnal Animals, not nominated but what a great movie highly recommend !!!
Well that’s not exactly true, best supporting actor nomination.

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I didn’t see “The Martian,” but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a comedy. Are the critics watching the same movies we are?

Many years I haven’t seen any of the nominated movies, and I rarely watch the award shows. Somehow this year I saw four or five nominees, and I hope to see “Fences” next weekend. Either the critics are skewing more “artsy” or I’m skewing more mainstream?

ETA: I only pay for movies at my local non-profit that happens to be half-way between my city friends and my suburban friends :blush:

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Starting in my local non-profit theater this Friday. Definitely on my list.

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