What Are You Coveting/Waiting /Saving For?

Same here. I will have them in my dream kitchen if it’s the last thing I do!

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I’ve been trying too save by sourcing oven, sink, faucet, hood, etc. via Craigslist so I can get nice countertops.

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It’s the too-small second oven

Yep. Same bad design!

An Ankarsrum!

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Debating a 20cm gratin from copperpans-dot-com - their Black Friday sale is coming. I have the small, oval gratin which I use frequently, however I would like to have one which sits evenly on a burner. I already have a lid that fits, so outlay would be for just the pan. Hmmmm.


“…exceptional versatility”

This is an extreme understatement. I don’t have this particular pan, but I do have a tinned 2mm Havard gratin in the same size. My biggest use for it is roasting vegetables. It’s one of 2-3 pans I would never willingly give up.


I, too, have looked into these but never been able to justify buying something that appears to be basically a frying pan with two handles.

Other than presentation, which no doubt is one factor, am I missing out on anything here by using skillets and baking sheets?

I’ve been watching reruns of The French Chef. Julia has these flat copper lids that she uses all the time and I would love to have one.

They look something like this, but I’m sure hers have a much better provenance story than “the UPS guy dropped it at my door”.

Lollipop lids …
Sadly, there’s no equivalent to Julia on the Cooking Channel or the Food Network. I made the mistake of checking the schedule last weekend. Screaming, leering, and troughs of food …


Thank you! I didn’t know that was the name.

I’m not sure that’s the technical name :slightly_smiling_face:

How to roll your own …

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I just ordered a Duxtop 9100. Thanks for the recommendation.

The more I’ve been cooking lately, the more I think there is something wrong with the large burner on my stove. Even at the lowest setting, (I think) it stays on way too long and puts out too much heat. The smaller burners seem to cycle properly, but the large burner just seems like a blast furnace, no matter what I do.

At this point, I really can’t afford to replace my stove/oven, so this induction burner/hob may be a good stop gap measure.

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Well, food containment; portion control; oven, stovetop, and table space; and storage efficiency, among other factors.

Gratins are dishes that are best served undisturbed at table. I suppose if you had skillets small enough (and enough of them), you could get by.

I can see how that Falk could give that impression, because it is deeper than the Platonic Ideal for gratins. The ones I have are probably 1:5 or 1:6 in sidewall height.

I don’t use gratins as skillets, but I could if the stovetop were full, I needed exactly that size, or I was traveling with just that pan.

And while not as versatile as a larger copper gratin, the smaller ones from Apilco are terrific.

Sure, ceramics are great for the oven. I also use some older Hull drip=edge ovals for gratins.

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I got quartz countertops that are designed to look like soapstone (silestone eternal line) and I love them so much. They are new but they look great and so far they have been fabulous to clean and great to prep dough on too!

Contractor types have freaked out about damaging them when doing work in our kitchen, then relax when they realize its actually quartz and much less likely to damage easily. Also no maintenance.

I have seen these and they are lovely, but I’m not a fan of quartz in general, or any other surface that can be marred by a hot pan. I’ve been living with Corian for the last 6 years and I am just DONE with trivets and potholders. I had granite in my last kitchen and I loved it, but soapstone appeals to me largely because I like the fact that it shows patina and changes over time. Plus, getting to choose between oiled and not oiled is pretty cool!


I wish had room for a woodstove.

Do you have a Roku or Smart TV? If so, there’s a free app Pluto TV that shows Julia Child 24/7. Currently they have French Chef, Julia and Jacques and Baking with Julia in rotation.
There’s also a 24/7 ATK/Cooks Country channel as well as BBC Food.