What are you cooking for the storm today?

Uneven chunks of onion joined with too many carrots sit in a bath flavored with my grandmother’s secret family spices. Later I will make one box of pastina, one of the smallest size pastas allowed by law, and add the cooked pastina to portion. My soup is just relaxing into a simmer now and I am wondering what all my HOs are cooking up in their kitchens today.


Gong Bao chicken.


Yesterday it was a seasoned bacon wrapped BBQ pork loin. Today I have a couple racks of pork ribs dry rubbed about to go into the oven for a low and slow bake. Tonight is boneless skinless chicken breast yet to be determined. (I’m open to suggestions)

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I’m going to fly my chopper over to jrs! What kind of rub?

Try this out buddy…get some rogers kickin chicken rub online. This stuff is amazing on wings and thighs and is even better if you team it with charcoal. It’s epic…get the hot version. I’ve had people ask me too cook in their restaurants after trying this stuff. I order it by the case and hand out some to foodie family members and friends. I’m not letting you down.

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Nothing fancy… just some quick food easy to do now.

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Rubbed with seasoned salt, white and black pepper, paprika, garlic powder, chopped garlic, parsley, nutmeg and brown sugar rubbed in with bacon grease. Put them in just after 11, around 2:30 light coating of sweet baby rays, finish with a 15-20 min broil around 3:00. Ready to eat 3:30!

We’ve already made a batch of buttermilk blueberry muffins and a cauliflower/ham/gruyere gratin. Later tonight we’re going to roast chicken thighs on a bed of brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes.

I’m also trying to decide what to do with some red snapper filets. I kind of want to a red Thai curry but I’m still rolling ideas around in my head.

I love NYC in a snowstorm. People are just forced to settle in and relax, for once.


I’ve got pizza dough rising so that may be dinner - it can wait until tomorrow, though, if something else inspires tonight. I have a nice head of cauliflower that should probably be used soon, so perhaps I’ll roast that and serve with a roasted beast of some kind. I’ve got a rack of lamb in the freezer…

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Hey…he walked to the store to procure the fixings…Kitchen closed for the rest of the day… possibly two!

<img src="//hungryonionstatic.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/original/2X/4/482d5197319a6da08c4df73
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If anyone needs inspiration, PBS Create’s marathon this weekend is, fortuitously, comfort food.

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Yes. YES. YES! A hundred times “yes”.

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Thinking about Marcella’s bolognese. Wondering what to make for my vegan husband.

While the Boston area will be spared the brunt of this mega-storm, my sympathies go to friends from the Carolinas to NYC. Hang in there!

As for me, steak tips are marinating in a fresh orange juice/garlic/herb/mustard marinade and will be grilled on the grill pan.

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Not bad…,


Those are gorgeous!

Mini chicken pot pies, in a puff pastry shell. I wish we could do a pot luck dinner with the dishes in this thread.


As soon as I heard the forecast, I made sure to get in some cubed chuck and round along with carrots and celery to make a beef stew. It’s my go-to winter storm dish. Get it started early in the day and let it simmer in the slow cooker all day. Then some last-minute biscuits. And for dessert? Coffee with amaretto and whipped cream.

Breakfast this morning was, of course, french toast and bacon.

Tomorrow will be wings for the games. Probably waffles and sausage for breakfast.

It started snowing here around 7:00 last night and has been non-stop since. Hopefully it ends before tomorrow morning. We already have over 2 feet. Even my screened in back patio has a good 4 inches thanks to the winds.

Well, we were low on sauce so I made a pot. 1 pot = 16 quarts. Soon as the canner boils I’ll jar it up.

BEC on toast for lunch, Turkey club for lunch, now have chocolate pudding in the fridge, Beard’s 40-clove chicken in the oven and the chicken is out of the sous vide for pot pie tomorrow.

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Well, the roasted cauliflower happened, but instead of the lamb I decided to make an Indian curry from 660 Curries - chicken in a spicy ginger/garlic/peanut/coconut/tomato/coriander sauce. Very simple and made entirely with pantry ingredients, but REALLY delicious. In keeping with the Indian theme, I coated the cauliflower with garam masala before roasting. Hit the spot. And there may be hot chocolate in my future for dessert!