What are you baking - summer (Jul-Sep 2016)

Party at my cousin’s house by the lake. Making a mixed berry crisp and just finished whoopie pies with red, white and blue filling.

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Nice. I have made many cookies and other baked goods, but I haven’t gotten to whoopie pies yet. I haven’t baked anything this summer just yet because I just moved. However, I now have a gas oven instead of an electric oven, so I am also a little worry about that. I heard that electric oven is much better.

Gorgeous! I baked four loaves of bread today, and will be making my toddler’s favorite spinach muffins for daycare this afternoon. Last night I made a batch of PB cookies. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Puff pastry folded around bourbon vanilla peaches. I also took a half a tube of marzipan, rolled it out very thin, and put it on the puff before the peaches.


I love almond and peach together - that looks divine! Dh wanted pizza for the 4th, so I made pizza dough on Friday (levain, 66% hydration), which has been cold fermenting in the fridge ever since. I’m planning to make some sour cherry hand pies while the oven and pizza stone preheat, then pizza for the main event.

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Made little pies thus morning. Two tart cherry and on the left a strawberry rhubarb. Didn’t have rhubarb because I used it all to make jam so I mixed the jam with the strawberries instead of sugar. Smells good!


I love sour cherry pie. I made one last week but now the cherries are done so it’s blueberry today.

Here they are - unfortunately, they exploded in the oven like crazy. If anyone has any tips on keeping hand pies from exploding, let me know! I think they’ll be delicious, though. I drizzled on a powdered sugar and cherry juice glaze just for fun.

Pizza! The dark horse winner was salami, thyme-roasted cherry tomatoes and caramelized onions with roasted garlic white sauce and a 4-cheese blend. Unfortunately, I only made a half of that one - next time it will be a full!

The Great White:

Half salami/tomato, half pepperoni/green olive

Bacon, cherry peppers, rosemary and fresh garlic:

Pepperoni, green olive and caramelized onion:

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Did you make cuts in the dough to let steam escape? That’s needed so they don’t explode.

I docked the tops with a fork a few times, but I didn’t cut vents. Obviously, I should have!

Yes, fork pricks will likely close up long before the steam starts to build up in the filling. I would make three slits in the top of those pies. Sometimes I even wiggle the knife a little to make sure the slits open up or they could close as well.

Oh, and those pizzas look delicious!

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Thanks - I’ll definitely cut actual vents next time. Luckily they were still delicious, despite the explosions. I pre-cooked the filling by reducing the juice by half and then adding the fruit, sugar and tapioca only at the last minute, so the fruit didn’t break down too much. I may start pre-cooking my filling for regular pies, too, because the crust really stayed nice and crispy this way.

Those combinations…off the charts…I love salami on pizza … one of my favorite toppings…try the salami withthe green olives some time … you probably have
The feet!

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Tried my hand at infamous Marian Burros Plum Torte, and was quite pleased, although it was a tad underbaked in the pockets surrounding the plums.


Banana bread with smoke chocolate chips, and oatmeal, coconut, chocolate chip cookies.


A small wedding cake for this afternoon - the caterer told me the bride wanted coconut and a Hello Kitty theme. Vanilla sour cream cake with coconut IMBC and marshmallow fondant. It was otherwise a slow week, so I had time to go overboard with the theme. I thought a veil would make it more wedding-y. Enjoy.


Wow, adorable! And the veil is perfect.