What Are You Baking? November 2022

I ended up making my favorite pumpkin spice chiffon from Alice Medrich which is made with rice flour, and a pumpkin bundt with a maple and brown butter glaze and candied walnuts. I had wanted to make Dorie Greenspan’s all-in-one holiday bundt, but couldn’t get frozen cranberries and didn’t want to use dried ones.
Haphazardly taken photo of this bundt cake in the process of finishing it.


Thanksgiving desserts …a little bragging on my behalf of all the desserts made by my granddaughters!

Cranberry cheesecake , cranberry Bakewell tart ( my dessert ) cranberry curd tart, pumpkin pie, apple cake.
Apple pie, pumpkin squash flan, and assorted gluten free treats.


You definitely should be proud.

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For sure! They did a marvelous job! It was hard to eat a sliver of all they made…but I happily obliged :yum:


The baking spirit runs strong in your family! Beautiful!


Thank you…they were concerned about my enjoying their baking! I was overwhelmed!

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Homage to Nana!


I used an apple strudel recipe from cookiesandcups.com. The first one had too much liquid so for the second one I put panko below the apple mixture and cut brown sugar to only ½ cup instead of full cup. The new box of frozen puff pastry from Trader Joe somehow seems smaller, harder to roll out bigger with rolling pen. I just love the smell of apples cooking.

Does anyone have an apple strudel recipe they love?


My (baked) Thanksgiving contribution: pear fudge pie, a recipe I created ages ago but haven’t made in a few years. Went over very well with everyone. Plated with my brother’s little mince tarts, bowl of whipped cream on the table.


Looks wondeful!


Thank you!

I’ve made this one quite a few times. Surprised to see it online:

It’s the real deal and very, very good. Just make sure you use clarified butter for brushing. It will give a crisper pastry.


Good source, thanks. Have saved it for the future. Made it once years ago, all stretched, just perfect until the black cat (who had been very curious) jumped from a high place to the middle of the stretched dough! Patched and continued.


Oh what a presentation! I am intrigued by the cranberry curd tart.

It might be the one from the NYT which I’ve made and is delicious. I’ll check with her and get back to you. In addition, one I like even better is the curd from ATK…it’s my go to now. My granddaughter said she made the NYT ‘s cranberry curd tart. Here’s one I made previously.


Isn’t that just like a cat…


Pumpkin Basque cheesecake. Pretty good, but the ratios need tinkering because it tastes a bit too much like flan and not enough like cheesecake for my liking.


Jelly Rolls.

I’ve made KAF’s Perfectly Pillowy Cinnamon Rolls once before. I found the texture using the tangzhong remarkable, and was immediately reminded of the texture and flavor of a fried yeast donut. I’ve been wanting to try the recipe with a jelly filling ever since.

I didn’t make any changes to the original recipe other than to skip the cinnamon filling. Instead, I processed some homemade strawberry jam in a mini-food chopper to remove any big pieces of berry, and whisked the jam with just a little warm water to make it spreadable. I used far too much jam – about 12 oz. In hindsight, I became concerned the jelly might burn on the pan, and transferred them (after rolling and cutting) from one sheet pan to another double sheet-pan lined with silpat and parchment. Just to make it a bit messier, I then flipped them over to get the jammiest side up. Then, after proofing and still concerned, I scrapped off some of jam.

While all my handling, tinkering and scraping may have resulted in some cosmetic damage, these came out as I hoped – I may like them even better than the original, cinnamon version. We ate half the batch of 8 straight away, and I’m sure the rest will be gone by mid-morning tomorrow. Bonus points for getting to use up some 2020 jam which needed a purpose. Next time I will use one jar only.


immediately looking up this recipe! i always need to #usethedamnjam !

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Swiss roll FTW

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