What Are You Baking? May 2024

This is a lovely strawberry cake, nice crumb and level of moisture. The simple strawberry sauce was a nice addition. I’m very happy I skipped the layer of strawberries in the center of the cake, as I think it would have made the cake soggy.


that looks wonderful!


Thank you, the fresh strawberry sauce is delicious. Just strawberries and sugar puréed in FP, then strained. It would be a nice addition to any cake, in particular, a rhubarb cake.


I made David Leibovitz’s marzipan cake, reducing the sugar from 265gm to 200gm. A wonderful cake, with a delicate, moist crumb, and not too sweet, but not picture-worthy. I served it with whipped cream.

I’m going to make it again soon, but want some orange in there too. Will be using blood orange marmalade as I find regular marmalade too sour/tart.


So impressive Mig!


Today I ate the last of the Stella Parks freeze-dried fruit whipped cream that I made on Saturday. It was still absolutely fine.


This was brunch. I made ukrainian nalysnyky. Its a very thin crepe filled with a mixture of bakers cheese, sour cream and sugar. The batter is very thin so I let it rest for 30 minutes and had no trouble baking up the nalysnyky. They and the cheese filling just melted into each other. The recipe suggests sprinkling with icing sugar but eh, we are Canadian so it was maple syrup. We had nalysnyky often when i was growing up. This recipe is from a new book called The Authentic Ukrainian Kitchen by Yevhen Klopotenko and this recipe is free on Nigella’s website. Book is on its way.


They remind me very much of blintzes! My father or my Nana Pauline would often make them. The only difference I can see would be the outside part as blintzes tend to be, at least the times my family made them thinner and without air bubbles. But I imagine the taste profile would be very similar…YUMMY!


Small batch blueberry scones. I made a whole blueberry jam and worked it into the dough. Had to chill solid 2 hrs pre bake to prevent over weeping.


Snickerdoodle Cheesecake Bars from Small Batch Bakes. These are like a soft spice cookie with a cheesecake filling, so delicious. I used a mix of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg instead of just cinnamon and skipped the cinnamon sugar on top. The bars bake in a 9”x5” pan. The recipe was a bit fussy, and used 2 yolks to one white, which is annoying, but there is a chapter on using up extra eggs. I didn’t read through and you bake the base first, then add the filling and the rest of the flattened cookie dough to cover, so it was almost an hour baking. Flattening pieces of the dough and fitting them together sounded like a real pain but it was quick to cover just the loaf pan. Mine definitely look like they have less filling than the photo in the book, but I used 1.5 times the filling. Anyway, we like them. I’m keeping them in the fridge but they soften up quickly once sliced.


Perils of baking while tired/distracted: I made the batter for these tahini CCC https://www.davidlebovitz.com/salted-chocolate-chip-tahini-cookies-cookie-recipe/ the other night when I probably should have just gone to bed. In a spectaular baking fail, I managed to mix up vanilla extract and… black vinegar. And yes, they smell very different. I tossed the batter and made another batch… paying attention this time.

great recipe…


Oh yikes. So, how do they taste??

I wouldn’t have tossed out the batter … I would have baked the cookies, who knows, you might have loved them!!