What Are You Baking? May 2024

Spring has truly sprung! What’s in your oven?

Cantuccini(almond biscotti. These are a bit different from my usual biscotti in that there is no oil or butter. Just two eggs an and ounce of wine or rum(rum in my case a d a tablespoon of honey are added to 350 grms of flour. Dough was very dry in mixing but i found that wetting my hands slightly helped it all come together. Before going into oven biscotti was brushed with egg yolk.

Definitely a biscotti for dipping. Recipe is from Torta della Nonna.


This is a very classical type of biscotti, with eggs but no other added fat, and the kind of recipe I have made most, in various flavors. They are long keepers.


Has been a very stressful week, so have baked quite a bit! THis recipe is quick and easy. You’d think that it would be too sweet but I still “sampled” quite a bit… https://bakeorbreak.com/2011/12/dulce-de-leche-bars/


I just made this strawberry-rhubarb Danish galette (my invented term :joy:). What is it, you ask? Pie crust topped with crushed Ritz crackers (to absorb moisture and add salt), topped with sliced fresh strawberries, homemade strawberry-rhubarb jam, and a lemon-curd cheesecake topping. :crossed_fingers:t2:it turns out.

Symmetry is not my forte.


Looks and sounds fabulous!

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Would eat!


I posted elsewhere on this site recently how happy I was to find all-butter puff pastry dough at our local co-op. At the time I purchased two packages (one sheet of dough per package). First I made an asparagus tart, which must have scratched my puff-pastry itch, because shortly thereafter I became annoyed at having that second crust taking up valuable real estate in our freezer.

Today I killed two birds with one stone, getting both the second dough and another package of need-to-be-eaten sour cherries out of the deep freeze.

Cherry Pastry Pies ala Sally’s Baking Addiction. One-half of the filling recipe made just enough for four pastries. Once assembled, I popped them into the freezer while the oven pre-heated. They baked at 400 degrees (Dalfour’s recommendation) for about 28-29 minutes (doubling the sheet pan at the 20-minute mark to prevent the bottoms from scorching). While the size of a pop-tart going into the oven, the results were closer to the size of a brick (albeit a tender and flaky one).

Yum! With such a low entry bar to decadence, I now recall why I don’t keep puff pastry in the house.


Holy cow!



The bunny crossing in front is the Drum Major of the Bunny Marching Band.


What are they?


Pretty good! Kiddo had seconds. My friend’s chicken egg yolks are incredibly yellow. I forgot I added toasted slivered almonds in the strawberry layer.


That looks fab! I’m super curious about the ritz crackers base – what a neat trick.

Coconut mochi pudding bunnies.


This is not my photo - I saved it because I liked the presentation. Any suggestions of a stable whipped cream or frosting recipe I could use to recreate this ?


hm, maybe Stella’s.

Here are some thoughts, mig. I have not used any other than Stella’s freeze dried fruit with whipped cream which most likely would not be what you are looking for. But maybe one of these might work for you.

I find putting cornstarch and a bit of acid (like in powdered version like cream of tarter) helps to stabilize it a bit longer.

Note a lot of confectioner’s sugar is already about 10% (guess) by weight cornstarch.

I do the same thing with meringue that’s going to be baked and torched as a pie topper and I think it helps.

I thought they were porcelain knickknacks and wondered why you’d post them here! – does mochi always mold/unmold this nicely?