What are you baking? May 2022

Poured not baked but didn’t know where else to put them.
Strawberry popsicles from serious eats are very good- strong strawberry flavor and not too icy hard. The chocolate ones were a simple mix of coconut milk, cocoa, honey, Nutella & a bit of coconut extract. They are good but the coconut flavor is barely there.


I’m the only one I know who isn’t wild about that SE strawberry pop recipe. I love the flavor, but found the texture a bit too jammy. Maybe I should try swapping out some of the jam for fresh berries. :thinking:

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The recipe had you blend all then mix w the jam in another bowl. I didn’t follow directions. Didn’t see the need for another dirty bowl so I just put the jam in the blender. Maybe that made the jam less noticeable.

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There’s an ice cream and frozen treats not too far down if you want to post there. I also started a no-bake thread for the various sweets and doughs that involve no baking, like puddings, donuts, tortillas, etc.


I think this is likely true. It seems like they want to keep that textural contrast, but if you didn’t want it, blending would take care of that. I also think one could maybe just cook down some strawberries and purée them instead of using jam, which may have added pectin.

Here you go:


My (homemade) jam doesn’t have any added pectin, but strawberries are naturally loaded with it. I do use a few underripe berries in the jam, which have even more pectin. Could explain it. I think I’ll try the puree route next time (at least partially). I will try the blending trick, also.

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Promise broken….another berry tart but this time with apricots. A lovely combination that I first saw together was when @damiano put them together for jam…and the jam is delicious! For the tart, I dusted the base with “Moondust” and also the tops of the fruit. About ten minutes prior to finishing, I “basted” the fruit with melted red currant jelly and apricot brandy. The lemon verbena worked some magic…wonderful combination of flavors.


Oh I would love this tart. No apricots here for a while yet.

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Absolutely gorgeous! :slight_smile:

So funny, I was hoping to make apricot strawberry jam last Sunday but they did not have any good apricots yet, so I used raspberries instead.

The recipe comes from a wonderful book by Domenica Marchetti called ‘Preserving Italy’. And the other fun bit: she actually mentions being inspired to make apricot strawberry jam by hearing about a pie with that combo in a song by The Roches! Thanks for the tag!


I’m growing lemon verbena again this summer to use in just such applications (plus it makes delicious jam paired with almost any summer fruit.)

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Hmmm…I just might have to get that book. I’ve made other recipes from her , she is excellent, very reliable.

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Summer’s not summer without lemon verbena!

The strawberries were local but they never coincide with local apricots. The rosy cheeked apricots were from California.

Rhubarb pie. I have been camping out at my mother’s since a storm has left me without power for over 3 days now and counting. My school is closed for the same reason, so it has left me time to fill the freezer with 10 pounds of rhubarb so far, and to bake with it. My mother always has lard-based pie dough in the freezer.


Pie looks wonderful! Are you in Ontario Pavlova? There wasn’t much damage here in downtown Toronto, but lots in Ottawa where my mother is. Fortunately she still has power.

Yes, I’m in Ottawa.

Nannybakes,did you peel the apricots. Thanks

After seeing the recommendation from @Aubergine for ATK’s British style currant scones, I had to try them. I made a half-batch “my way”, taking a few short-cuts. I did not use a food processor, but whisked the dry and grated in the butter, working it in with my hands. I used 2% milk instead of whole. Also, while I know no proper British scone is cut into wedges, I did it anyway. I chilled both the dry and wet before mixing, and baked on parchment over silpat for 18 minutes.

I liked these, although maybe not quite as much as other currant or cream scones I’ve made, most of which call for cream (not milk) and possibly more butter. To its credit, however, the ATK scone is lighter, less rich, and easier to throw together. It has its place in the scheme of things and I’ll make it again (although I might swap a tablespoon or two of the milk for heavy cream and judge the results).


Never…I love the tang from the skin. The skins did not toughen.

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