What are you baking? July 2023

You’re just a Korean mom at heart

I showed this to a friend, she agreed, utter perfection.

Do you parbake?

I got to farmers market at 11 am and they were sold out of Dirty Girl dry farmed tomatoes. (I bought about 5 stragglers I noticed at the register) and Rainbow was sold out of his incredible, sweet blackberries. He insisted on giving me the rest of his sample box (last year, twice I gave him blackberry/Greek yogurt paletas I made with his blackberries.)

Frog Hollow was selling fruit galettes for $30 … too pricey for me.

No this wasnt par baked. We just had it for dessert. The filling was good and was well settled with just a little juice, but to my liking i felt the crust was a bit too thick on the edges. I would use that recipe for pie dough again. Thanks again for the compliment.

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I continually have this “edge problem” with my pie crust.

Maybe use a food processor to get granola crumbs that you combine with melted butter. Press most of it into the bottom of the pan to make a crust. Bake 10 minutes. Top with your fruit. Sprinkle with the remaining granola - combined with some flour and egg to make sand-textured dust. Drizzle with more butter, so the topping technique is similar to Willies Crisp.

Or take a look at this oatmeal jam bar recipe RStuart recommended a while back. And use your granola (perhaps ground a bit) in place of the oatmeal. https://www.thespruceeats.com/one-bowl-oatmeal-jam-bars-4843487


Thank you!

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Pizza counts, right

Deep dish cheese. 1lb full fat low moisture mozz, 8oz non-smoked provolone. Homemade sauce from Cento San Marzanos. Dough from scratch, with 20% semolina.

I think mine is better than any of the commercial.options in town.


That looks fantastic!

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From the looks of it, my money would be on you


Definitely not ‘canary’ top!

I’ve not heard the term ‘canary top’ before… What does it refer to?

I DO know that a traditional Chicago thin crust is oven baked til the cheese is lightly browned, more so than a NYC-style or neopolitan pizza. Underbaked ones are referred to as ‘blonde’ …

deep dish tradtionally has the sauce on top, since you’re baking for 30-40 minutes. The cheese on top would burn.

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Peach and Ginger Cake from Pastry Love. I didn’t make the crumb topping for this. It’s really good! Moist but not too much. The batter was very gingery from the powdered and crystallized ginger, but the baked cake is mellower. Supposed to be a good keeper so looking forward to it lasting a few days.


Looks delish!

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Canary refers to the yellowish/white color of the cooked cheese topping. I understand canary is not desirable, and I think it is a Chicago term from Vic’s and Nick’s.

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A very moist delicious blueberry muffin which has almond flour, buttermilk and sour cream in ingredients, topped with sugar flavoured with nutmeg. The recipe is from 100 Morning Treats

by Sarah Kieffers


It looks so tender and I love the proportion of blueberries to cake. Beautiful!

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Thank you. 100 Morning Treats is a wonderful baking book. All the recipes do take a little more different ingredients and time but well worth it. I really like all of Sarah Kieffer’s books.


August thread is up!

I’ll have to look into the book. I’ve never heard of it so I appreciate the recommendation :blush: