What are you baking? Jan 2023

Those look and sound amazingly good! I am a very unskilled baker. Would it be worth me tracking down that recipe and giving it a try or does it need more than 12 YO level baking skills? My feelings will not be hurt if you tell me to pass, I promise.

I sent it in a message.


Thank you so much! And also @CaitlinM!


The author describes the difficulty as “medium”. If you are familiar and comfortable with the process of lamination, or willing to risk good ingredients in order to become so, then I’d say go for it. Otherwise, there are probably better choices for you out there in biscuit world.

Youtube has a ton of videos on dough lamination. I wish I could recommend a particular one. Maybe one of the youtube afficianados here will chime in with a good reference.

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It’s February, hooray! New topic here.

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That makes sense and thanks for your honest answer. I think lamination is aspirational at this point for me. I will just enjoy looking at the fruits of your labor.

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This is classic lamination, but it can be much simpler and quicker than this.

Like this

Or this

Or Chinese scallion pancakes:


Dorie’s bake and tell recipe this month is rough puff. Does anyone hear use it?

Quite often. I’m partial to Dan Lepard’s versions (one “sweet” one made with egg yolks and milk, and one spelt for savory uses), but I’ve made the classic version many times.

You can see it made here.

Also, I meant to include this link as an example of easy lamination. It’s some of the prettiest puff I’ve seen.


@Shellybean on the topic of the pan - you say you prefer to bake Stella’s in a 9-inch. Is that a regular springform? Do you bake the other recipe in that same pan?

I like push bottom pans rather than springform, but springform is fine, too, and I use them sometimes. I also use regular cake pans and as long as the cheesecake is cold and the pans lined with parchment they release well.

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