What are you baking? Feb 2023

What’s in your oven?

Kentucky butter cake.


Wow, that’s beautiful

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100% whole wheat brioche loaf (thanks to Shellybean for the link to chainbaker). I made it out of curiosity as I normally don’t care for whole wheat bread. This has a nice soft texture - prob from all the butter and eggs. It’s very good but a lot of work and time.


Your slices look so even and pleasing. :laughing:

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Tried out some sourdough banana cookies and they’re really good! They still need some work to achieve the texture I’d like, but they’re deliciously soft and not too sweet.

I used my starter, which is 50% hydration, and aside from loving how it produces a milder sourdough, I enjoy that it’s a lot easier to incorporate into non-bread recipes most of the time, as having 2x as much flour as liquid means that less adjustment has to be made to accommodate the liquid that a starter brings with it. Exceptions to this are sourdough brownies, since brownies contain very little flour in the first place, so a starter that’s high in flour is a bit more of a challenge.
Still I adjusted here for a 100% hydration starter when I shouldn’t have. Since my AP flour here is not all that absorbent, simply working my starter in would have been best. In the end I ended up adding more flour than called for (200 g) because the dough was too slack. I used salted butter and 1.5 tsp salt. The salt is missing from the ingredients, but in her writing she mentions 2 tsp kosher salt. I reduced the nutmeg by half and added cloves. I thought the dough had a bit too much cinnamon initially, but once baked I think it’s fine. I might still try reducing the amount next time, though.
I don’t know where this dough falls in terms of acidity because bananas are alkaline while sourdough starter is acidic. The dough is pretty wet. Acid and high hydration favor more gluten, which means it can handle the expansion from baking powder so it doesn’t crack. I am wondering if I should either remove the baking powder or increase it to get the dough to puff and collapse for a denser, less cakey cookie. The cakey texture isn’t bad, but ideally these would crack a bit.


I made these Meyer lemon/brown butter bars with Meyer lemons from our tree.

They were so good that my husband refused to share them with the neighbors.

If you have access to Meyer lemons, I recommend that you make them.


I made these caramel/chocolate/coconut bars.

I’ve made them several times. This time I used Lyle’s Golden Syrup in place of the corn syrup. Wow, the substitution bumped them from being delicious to being irresistible.


Sunshine and I just got done baking some Chocolate Chip cookies. This was a new recipe. Both Sunshine & I like the previous version better, though.


No picture from me, but mine looks just like David Lebovitz’s Zucchini Cake with Crunchy Lemon Glaze.
A very nice, flavorful cake made with olive oil and this would be in my top five ‘snackin’ cakes. I had some left over zucchini prepped from the vegetarian burritos last night which measured out perfectly. The only problem, I think, is the EVOO I used was at the end of its lifespan. I didn’t think it was that old. Next time, I’ll sample the oil, first for sure!


This one has been on my list forever. Thanks for the review.

I had some cheeses that needed using, and I was going to make burek, but calzones were a better match for the particular cheeses I had on hand. So four cheese calzones it was! I had Dominican queso crema, which is like a farmer’s cheese and something I’d rather use than the imported Galbani ricotta that has stabilizers and tastes unpleasantly tangy to me. I’ve always been very picky about ricotta, and I’ve made it a few times here, but I find queso crema to be an excellent alternative to it.
I also had local queso de hoja, which is milky the way fresh mozzarella is. The other two are parmigiano reggiano and aged mozzarella.

I also tried making sourdough hallullas. Hallullas are a Chilean flatbread in the pan sobado category that can be either soft or crisp like a cracker. These are on the puffy side.


I just made this brown sugar sauce cake/pudding concoction I saw on the Glen & Friends Cooking youtube channel.

I modified his recipe with some apples (I had in the freezer) and some cinnamon. Mine looks a little different than his, but the taste is there. Sunshine and I just enjoyed a small piece (each) YUMMY!!


Meyer Lemon Cake from the Vanilla Bean Blog.

I chose this recipe because it was written specifically for Meyer lemons, of which we currantly have many. It calls for poppyseeds – a plus.

I followed the cake recipe exactly, and was quite surprised at the outcome. When I turned them out I felt they would be far too tender for my taste, but they firmed up as they cooled and wow! Not overly tart – you can taste the Meyer lemon – with a lovely crumb.

I did not make the crème fraiche icing, but went for a standard powdered-sugar-and-lemon-juice glaze. I’ll make this version again, and won’t change a thing.


I also made Les Cupcakes from Gateau today. Deets on the COTM thread here.


GORGEOUS. What a treat.


Hamburger Buns from p. 60 of Bread Toast Crumbs, using a tiny fraction of the pound of instant yeast I got (and froze) in April 2020 Covid times. I used 1 C whole wheat and 3 C unbleached a.p. white flour.

I’d made this recipe when No-Knead bread was a Chowhound DOTM and discovered 1) book measures are for Diamond Crystal kosher salt, so I need to cut the 2 tsp measure to 1.5 tsp for my Morton’s kosher salt. and 2) portioning the dough into just 8 buns per instructions gives giant ones that overwhelm our usual burger size, so make 12 smaller ones instead.

I’m pleased with the size, texture and flavor of this batch.


Hey bakers, I just noticed that this month’s COTM Korean American has a Korean Bakery section.

I had two chocolate cake layers in my freezer. One I used for a white chocolate and caramel mousse cake. The second I used today. Mocha cremeux and coffee-mascarpone ganache montée. Honestly this is super rich and just a tiny sliver is enough. A very nice chocolate and coffee dessert!


Got Stella Parks’ cheesecake in the oven, thans to a reco from @Shellybean . I’ve somehow never made cheesecake before.



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