What Are You Baking? December 2023

I made these blueberry/blackberry hand pies 3 months ago, froze some unbaked. Baked last night for today and they’re just as good!


Our Christmas dessert was Salted Maple Pie. It is one of the most popular pies at Sister’s Pie in Detroit but was posted on Food52. For years i have beenbaking a maple pie for Christmas from ATK were the filling is custary and the pie is hard to cut. This recipe contains fine cornmeal which set the filling beautifully and it was still creamy.


Lulu made cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast. I am not normally a fan, but these were fantastic.


As noted over in Ugly Bakes discussion, I got a replacement bread machine yesterday, after my old one failed to start Sunday when I was making dough for cinnamon rolls. My first loaf in the new one was Oatmeal Buttermilk bread. Other than my uneven slices, the bread came out just as pictured - great texture and tender golden crust.

Somehow, the bread tastes even better knowing that I got a new machine at half price without intensive research or waiting for shipping. The seller had done all of that about a year ago, but failed to measure his cabinet and countertop space and found he had nowhere this large/tall machine could fit; he’d finally decided he was never going to use it. It’s slightly longer than my old one but it was easy for me to move a couple of containers at the back so it can be stored in the same cabinet spot.


Milk Bread buns from Mooncakes and Milk Bread. These were to accompany Christmas dinner so I should have made them smaller. They were great but probably could have had an extra 5 minutes to rise, but we needed to get them in and out of the oven to make room for the bird.


Experimenting with my new bread machine and found that the Quick Bread setting works just fine for my Beer Bread, recipe posted last month here , minus the melted butter topping.

This loaf looks a lot more polished than the rugged/ rustic crusted oven version.


Looks great! I’m enjoying reading about your bread machine adventures and taking notes. I would encourage you to also post to the Bread Machine thread.


I had saved the juice from the canned sweet potatoes from our Christmas dinner. Its too good to throw away, so I made two brown sugar - sweet potato quick breads. I’ll make up a vanilla butter cream icing for one of them tomorrow (after it cools) and freeze the second one for a later date. Trying to stay one step ahead of Sunshine’s sweet tooth (LOL)!!


Change of plans… Sunshine cut into this (plain) quick bread before I had a chance to frost it and decided it was more of a cake to have with her morning coffee. I had already moved the second one to the freezer, so I’ll need to make something up for dessert tonight.

I could go to the store and pick up some ice cream??
Decisions… Decisions…

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Look for the HDasz peppermint stick (seasonal flavor.) SO GOOD and only available this time of year.


Adding this

Chex Mix Hacks?

I made Bravetart’s Effortless Angel Food Cake yesterday for a trifle. I was afraid that I whipped the egg whites too much but it came out great.

I was supposed to make her vanilla pudding today but that hasn’t happened yet.


ATK’s milk chocolate cheesecake— half recipe as usual.
As I don’t really like dark chocolate mixed with cheesecake, I was curious to try this, and it’s really good. I admit I increased the sugar in the filling a bit, though I suppose that depends on your milk chocolate.
I have leftover chocolate sauce so I used that on top instead of drizzling melted milk chocolate.


That looks SO good.


Tonight I made these buttermilk-cheddar biscuits. I used soured milk instead of buttermilk and skipped the chives as I wasn’t feeling chive-y. They were pretty darn tasty; I had to limit myself to just one. My only issue is that the recipe calls for a single lamination step, which didn’t seem enough so I did two. Next time I’ll probably go for three or four just to increase the flakiness.

They are a little yellow, which is probably due to the corn flour in the gf blend, as well as orange cheddar and a ton of melted butter.


They look amazing!


Thank you! And with about 1 T butter per biscuit, they tasted pretty amazing too.


Thank you! It made my neighbors who have been missing my cheesecakes for months very happy!


I made this Brazilian style carrot cake. It was delicious. It’s completely different from American style carrot cakes, which is a good thing in my view. In fact when I offer people a slice I just say is a Brazilian cake with chocolate icing. If I say carrot cake, it confuses peoples’ palates.

This cake is subtly flavored and has a wonderful texture. It’s moist and a little bit spongy.

I checked it when it was in the oven for 35 minutes and it was done. In fact, I should have taken it out a few minutes earlier.


For supper tonight, i baked a tourtiere. This is a recipe given to me a long time ago when I lived in Montréal. I worked with a french canadian woman who came from a small town near Quebec City. Tourtiere is 100% Pork, has nutmeg, ginger, cloves,salt and pepper, breadcrumbs and a secret an ing

redient, and a bottle of dark ale. Happy New Year fellow bakers. May your troubles be as short as new year resolutions.