What are you baking? August 2023

What’s in your oven?

One of the vendors at the farmers’ market had prune plums.

I made the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook Plum Poppyseed Muffins.

They are delicious and moist. I’m a fan of poppyseeds and I’m appreciative of recipes where they are paired with other flavors than lemon.

I believe that those of you who prefer your sweets not too sweet will enjoy these.https://www.eatlivetravelwrite.com/2012/11/a-smitten-kitchen-cookbook-giveaway/


I just finished making a vanilla cake with homemade cherry frosting. I used some cherry flavored crystal light drink mix in a butter cream frosting recipe. I’m just playing around with different ideas… I had Sunshine taste the frosting before I put it on the cake. Once approval was given, I slathered it on the cake.


BB Pie V. 3.0. This is a free-form slab pie. Further modifications to my master filling recipe (a work in progress) included reducing the thickener to 1 T. AP flour and 1 T. cornstarch per 500 g. berries. Everything reduced to accommodate 375 g. of berries in this pie. 10” bottom crust; 9” top crust.

We’re off to see Barbie a bit later this afternoon. Will cut into it when we get back.


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Although I can’t bake now, I made a cake today with some genoise rounds I had in the freezer. It’s a dulce de leche mousse cake from KICA.

But I just wanted to try out the mousse and use the cake taking up room in my freezer, so I didn’t make the mirror glaze or garnishes.
I reduced the recipe to 60% so I could use just one can of dulce de leche and my 6-inch genoise rounds.

And I have to say the mousse is really delicious, particularly with the genoise. However, it is far too firm. I want to make this again with a significant gelatin reduction.
This would make a fantastic filling for a layer once I cut down on the gelatin.


Three’s a charm!

BB V. 3.0 came out the best yet. The filling is right where I want it: Moist and set - but not jammy -and with plenty of intact berries remaining. The filling didn’t run onto the plate, but if you pushed a fork into the pie to take a bite, it splurted out ever so slightly. Half the filling is the same as double the crust. My new “go to” blueberry pie.

Now I can move on in good conscience to peach pie.


Today I tried to make English Muffins for the first time. I used Woks of Life recipe:

I used AP flour, was low on Bread Flour, recipe says it’s equal. Used Instant Yeast … I keep in the freezer and it never seems to go bad.

You’re to roll them out on counter then cut out rounds. Recipe didn’t say to sprinkle flour first but I needed to in order to use rolling pin, dough was a little sticky (I used dough hook in mixer for kneading).

After you cut them out, you sprinkle semolina or fine cornmeal on a half sheet pan and let them rise for an hour. The dough was so nice, pillowy; I got 14 rounds. (I used sour cream, not yogurt.)

Used my cast iron pan, needed to add a few drops more of grapeseed oil after turning over, did two batches.

Later, broke apart with fork then toasted in toaster oven. Added butter and Black Currant jam I get at the Russian store, delicious.

It wasn’t that hard and I’ll try freezing some.


They look so good


I love it. I make a lot of slab pies but always in a jelly-roll pan, never free-form. How did you connect the top and bottom crust - just fold the bottom over the top and crimp? And that was enough to keep the filling from (mostly) escaping?

Technically made in July but enjoyed in August… https://www.newscentermaine.com/article/news/local/207/toffee-butterscotch-chocolate-chip-cookies/97-155790813
The other roll is in the freezer…


Exactly that - fold the bottom edge (rolled slightly larger) over the top, and seal.

I’m terrible at crimping, so this method works for me. I ogle your slab pies on sheet pans every time you post one, and am so tempted to try. I get bogged down when I think about how to seal it. I’m probably over thinking it. I may try one yet this season.

I make them in a tart tin, works very well. For some reason (?) I roll under rather than over but I don’t think it makes any difference. I do roll the edges thinner than the center of the dough.

Just a little addendum to my Vanilla Cake with Cherry frosting (up thread). To make it more “fun” I had added a little red food coloring to the batter, which made it pink.
It just so happens that Sunshine and her girlfriends are going to see the “Barbie” movie on Thursday and she asked me to make up another pink cake with cherry frosting. Her and the girls are going to share a pink “Barbie” cake after the movie!!


I like the KAF recipe a lot, including that there’s neither rolling and cutting nor using rings, the dough’s divided and formed by hand. I like them best made partly with whole wheat flour, which adds a pleasant nuttiness (I use 300g bread flour and 240g WW). I don’t recommend follow the tip to let them rise on the griddle/pan (the get over-browned as it heats), I just turn the heat off between batches and sprinkle in more semolina. I check doneness with a thermometer.


LOOK at that crust :star_struck:


I would never have made an english muffin if they weren’t DOTM on Chowhound… I remember coming across and trying the James Beard English muffin bread recipe, and then someone explained making them in the microwave, which was a shock when it worked!


You mean you don’t grill in a cast iron pan?

This dough recipe was very nice, easy to roll, I used a rolling pin but I could have just patted into place.

Half batch of Tigre Almond Cakes. I used tea leaves instead of the chocolate and have used roasted black sesame seeds in the past. Added salt as well. Super easy.


Iirc I did the pan version on a carbon steel pan, then tried the oven and microwave methods too.

Will see if I can find it on the wayback machine.