What are you baking? August 2022

I have 2 of her books & love her recipes - in fact I will make no other than her banana bread. Well unless I am out of oil, that is.


Bacon for BLTs.

I love those cookies too

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What’s the difference in the book?

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Milk bread from Mooncakes and Milk bread. This is requested often. Such a wonderful fluffy bread. Hope it freezes well because my sil has requested it and they will be here next weekend.


Baath / Baatka / Batica or Goan Semolina and Coconut Cake.

I’m not big on Indian regional desserts, but finding a Goan semolina cake recipe before we went to a Goan HO group dinner a week after trying my hand at Egyptian semolina cake for an Egyptian dinner was tempting!

Lots of variations on recipes I looked up based on people’s (aunties’) family recipes and personal preference.

This was very nice. I am enjoying these semolina cakes that hydrate later to a lovely texture! The semolina was fluffy, the coconut added a different texture and bite.

From an Indian context, a baked variation on coconut barfi. From a semolina cake comparison, last week’s baked up totally dry and then soaked up the sugar syrup overnight to fluff and soften. This one baked like a normal cake, except the soaking of liquid into semolina happened prior to baking.




Looks lovely. Are you ready to share the recipe variation you used?

Today I made a dozen bagels. Nothing fancy, nothing difficult.


This baking thread is all about sharing.

Here are three recipes I watched. I am a terrible recipe follower, but I was closest to the first in proportions and method (least fussy imo).

My changes:

  • Desiccated coconut (I forgot I had fresh grated in the freezer, duh) rehydrated with milk
  • Split into 2 small round pans (we ate one, I gave the other to the restaurant to thank the chef)
  • Rested the batter overnight for the semolina to fully hydrate
  • Baked at 325 not 350 for about 25 mins

What recipe do you like? I tried bagels for the first tome during the pandemic and was so pleasantly surprised by the home outcome!

I have my own recipe that I adapted from a number of sources. Here is a link to it.

Thanks! Do you have pics of the bagels?

I didn’t take any today. Here is a photo from an earlier batch. I now bake them a bit darker.


Book doesn’t have baking powder, does have lemon juice in cake, and more zest. I don’t really notice a difference

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Do you think this would still be good without the blueberries? Weird question, I know but I like lemon cakes but not blueberries haha.

(Looking at the online UK version of the recipe and the NYT, seems like there’s self-rising flour vs AP+bp, and the lemon is a bit more, which is odd)

Yes - the UK version is almost identical to the book except for a 1:1 exchange for self-rising with AP. some NYT commenters suggested more lemon flavor, which is probably why the book/UK version has more lemon.

You could do it without berries! Make sure to use almond FLOUR not meal

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Thanks for the tip. I might actually have both in stock for some bizarre reason. Going to save this in my citrus cakes list!

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I think that’s an error in the North American edition of the book, given the self-raising flour in the UK edition, and the baking powder in the NYT version, and that except for the lemon zest/juice difference between book and NYT, all the other ingredient quantities are identical. They just screwed up and forgot the leavening when converting from self-raising to AP flour for the NA edition.

I’m thinking of making this BUT can I skip buying a carton of cream?

Most definitely. Just beat your egg with same amount of milk. I changed the steps a bit in making the bread. First I simmer the milk and then melt the butter. It gives them a chance to cool down and then proceed with the recipe. It is important to mix the dough for 9 minutes. Really changes the texture and be patient with the first and second rise.

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