What are the best Penzeys Spices

I love that sauce! Once in a while I find it in a ginger variety.


It might seem rather mundane but their bay leaves are really full of flavor. They are a real work horse in my kitchen, especially when making stock.


I like making okra fries with the Aleppo and lots of salt. I slice in half, and roast them in a hot And all the slimey is banished and you are left with crunchy, spicy crispy okra fries.


Do you need fresh okra for this okra fries preparation to work, or will frozen do? I want to try this sometime and I don’t find fresh often okra here in Massachusetts, except sometimes in summer. I can wait if I need to though.

I’ve only used fresh, so don’t know, but worth a try I guess!

Once someone brought me some garlic scapes from the north (they aren’t found in the south) and I roasted them together with Aleppo. Nowadays, I’d roast them to a darker color, the darker the crunchier.


Smoked Spanish Paprika. Need it for ribs, and I need at least half a cup for a smoker of ribs. Would be ruinously expensive otherwise.


I like Penzeys a lot across the board. I buy mainly whole spices, but their Spanish smoked paprika and various dried herbs (oregano, thyme) are tops. And I like their Bay Leaves.

My only cautions concern “seasoning” mixes with salt, and also, I am not a fan of their suggested recipes generally. But the quality and freshness is good stuff. This is a good company.


My fave Penzey’s seasoning is their Turkish spice blend. Can’t really say exactly what I like about it, but we just really like it! Makes a rotisserie chicken just pop!

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Yes about the salt. When one of their mixes contains salt it’s almost always the first ingredient. That’s fine for a marinade or a meat rub, but otherwise it’s often too much.

Also true about the recipes. Mr Rat got me their cookbook for Christmas some years back and the personal stories are sweet and very much in keeping with the general Penzey’s mission of uplift, but the recipes are not very interesting.


Penzey’s offers $50 gift cards for $35 periodically during the year and I recently bought up a bunch. There was a free gift of a BBQ spice rub sampler which was out-of-stock and I just picked it up last week. I finally opened it and it made me smile.

How cute is that?!


These 4-packs are great Christmas gifts for someone who might want to try new spice blends.


Been a Penzey’s shopper for nearly 30 years now. My (subjective of course) faves are: Aleppo pepper, Bavarian Seasoning, Turkish Bay leaves, BBQ 3000, Chicago Steak Seasoning, Ozark Seasoning, the paprika’s, Turkish Seasoning, Tellicherry peppercorns and Vietnamese Cinnamon. I’m never without these. All else I’ve ordered have been of great quality and freshness. I’ve tried other purveyors, but with the exception of Burlap and Barrel, have found Penzey’s to be consistently good.

Echoing @jcostiones, Bill P can be a little much…

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