What about this ceramic non-stick pan?

Somehow even though I have loads of cookware, the 20-24cm non-stick egg pan has been elusive for me. Making a play on my top choice-the Demeyere Industry5 ceramic Thermolon is bugging me, because it is exclusive to SLT and they just don’t seem to want to put up a decent enough of a deal on it for me to bite. I know I could just pick up it’s similarly coated, lower priced cousins , the Zwilling Spirit or Sol. However where the pan was made matters to me, the latter is made in China and I generally prefer European mfg’d cookware.

I came across this higher end Swiss made Ceramic non-stick, it looks nice but I think it still has PTFE in it.


Any thoughts on the linked pan or other ideas for me would be appreciated.

I don’t think this one is a ceramic nonstick pan. I believe it is just a regular PTFE (Teflon) nonstick pan.

Hey Chem!

Aside from the Mfg website , who I probably should of paid attention to as the brief descriptive authority. Another retailer had the pan labeled as ceramic.

Hi PST Ross,

I agree with Chem. I think it is a nanodiamond embedded nonstick coating similar to that of Swiss Diamond: https://www.swissdiamond.com/products/category/fry-pans


Ahh the hell with it, I just added on yet again. got the 20cm Industry ceramic from SLT 20% off plus 4% Ebate and found an old SLT gift card with $21 balance. So that made it a little more palatable for my personal use expenditures, which is reaching tipping point.