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I see a lot of thoughts upthread. Inclusivity. I agree. Sharing personal experiences and connection. I agree. It also appears we have different ideas about what WFD is as a thread. So I agree that it’s hard to say something is rightfully or wrongfully categorized there, when we as a group don’t know what it’s meant to hold as a category. That said, I’m not persuaded by the arguments that if a post won’t get as many eyeballs somewhere, you should move it. If I want to post about stoves and cookware doesn’t get eyeballs, should I instead post about stoves in what are you drinking? And if we want to be inclusive to such an extent that WFD captures what we cook, what we buy prepurchased at the grocery, and what we eat out, then why do we subdivide other things? Why have a regional board on CA and one on NJ and one on TX? Why not have a United States board? Isn’t that more inclusive? More eyeballs? More connection?

I agree with you entirely as to what should happen if the above were true. However, just from the varied responses on this thread, I don’t see the consensus that you do.

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Well, sure - if you drank your stove that evening, and the thread was titled “What are you drinking?” :joy:

If you had a cocktail at a restaurant or a friend’s place, also yes.

The distinction in the OP is not a stoves vs drinks one.

It is not so much about entirely misplaced posts as about posts which do answer the thread title, but don’t fit the meta category that the original thread was placed under,

To @msbean’s point, would moving the whole thread to Culture fix the issue?

Not that we should. Just curious.

(We had this exact discussion on the thread itself a year or two ago - I wish someone would find it - I tried but couldn’t.)


I know we did, but times change. The mods helped me find it before I posted this thread, and the result was the same as here. Mixed.


Would you please add a link? I know many of us are repeating ourselves.

Yes, it’s always mixed. It was mixed when people wondered whether we should be sharing anything other than food too - same arguments.

You are testing the extremes of my knowledge of how to work this site. But I’m going to try.

starting around post 775 and

I’ve read Sasha’s links. Seems good to know that what folk are saying on this thread is what they said in 2019. So, there’s consistency in the inconsistency, if you see what i mean.

(PS: Thanks for the links, Sasha. I didnt know you could link to a particular post on a thread. )

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I didn’t know I could either :slight_smile:I knew others could.

I’m not a prolific WFD poster, but I do read them all so take my 2 cents for what it’s worth. To me this seems like a solution in search of a problem. There are only a few posters posting restaurant meals, so it’s easy enough to scroll past if you’re not interested. If it becomes some sort of critical mass where you wake up and there are 100 new posts about restaurants in the WFD thread I could see revisiting the topic. Personally, I like people mentioning their day, seeing a bit of their yard or whatever, and I’m always interested to see what wines @paryzer brings to dinner, etc.

I’m involved in a number of neighborhood groups and I’ve learned to be wary of actions that might drive people away when you’re trying to bring them in, so would err on the side of inclusion.


Um, there are Canadians, Brits, Spaniards, Belgian residents, Malaysians and assorted other non- Americans posting and reading HO and WFD, dontcha know? :wink:

I ignore the WFD posts that don’t interest me. No reason for me to tell others what to post, or what belongs. Sometimes I skip WFD because I like posts with less replies.


Of course I know. Unless you’re joking. It was for the sake of argument. We could consolidate up a storm, or we could subdivide it. You could have regions within the US, the US as a single region with other countries being their own region, or even a global region. One single topic for restaurants on Earth.

I think the reason to subdivide is that it makes it easier for people to find what they want/need. It keeps discussions manageable in length. It helps posters connect their content with the people who are most likely to be looking for just that type of content.

I was also on chowhound for years, and I almost never read the WFD threads, or even noticed them. At that point in time, I was more interested in discovering the eateries in my hometown of Los Angeles, and that was a hopping board indeed. Maybe WFD gets all the eyeballs because people post there and not elsewhere. Maybe people post there and not elsewhere because the regional boards are not hopping. Is it a chicken and egg problem?

Regardless, it’s abundantly clear that for the 5 or so people that would prefer the WFD to be primarily home cooking (me included), there are at least that many who feel strongly that it should cover everything. So, c’est la vie.

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We have a Canada board on here and it might get 3 posts a year. Lol That’s why your post touched a nerve.

I left another WFD elsewhere because there were some cliques I didn’t like, and a few people took my comments about another poster as mean.

We had run-ins before. Maybe we sometimes we outgrow , tire or burn bridges wrt online topics or forums.

We are less than an hour from the border with Canada, and I would be thrilled to have an active CA board to solicit suggestions, once the border opens and they let us back in. We’ve had some terrific times exploring Granville Island, the many many Asian places in Richmond BC, and the shawerma on every corner places in downtown VAN.

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Lol I’ve got more suggestions for the border closer to Port Huron, Detroit and Buffalo. I’m 45 minutes from Port Huron, 2 h from Detroit and 2.5 h from Buffalo. :slight_smile:
Great food in BC, but I haven’t been since 2016 (Kelowna). I haven’t dined in Vancouver or Richmond BC since 2005.

I’ve been to NYC 6 times, Pittsburgh 10 times, Ohio 3 times, Boston once, Detroit once and DC once since 2016.

Despite being in Canada, the NJ /NY /PA boards are more relevant to me than a national Cdn board could be.

The only regional boards with any action are Bay Area and NJ.
I don’t understand your militant attitude over this issue.


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Thus far:
Yea = 5
Nay = 12

Will update as more people vote.
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I didn’t realize that having an opinion equated to being militant. The fastest way to quash a discussion is to tell other people that they are wrong or unreasonable, or make them feel bad that they feel differently than you. I don’t know that anything I said here merits your comment.

This escalated quickly! I didn’t expect such a debate!


It is comforting to see that this is our biggest concern of the day. It could be a lot worse.


As someone with no dog in this fight (I don’t participate in What’s For Dinner), I am nonetheless going to come out in favor of separating “what I made” from “where I got my meal from.” I can see that the title of the thread in question is not specific enough to make obvious what it’s designed to be about. But I have no doubt it’s designed to be about “what I made,” because it’s modeled on the identically-titled Chowhound thread, which I think is limited to home-cooked meals.

I understand arguments for more inclusion, in the interest of keeping the thread as active as possible. But I’m still against it, for the reasons others have mentioned. Recall several recent examples of posters adding a picture of food X or meal X in a thread about…not food or meal X. I don’t think anyone came out in favor of that.

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