Westchester/Greenwich Chinese Food

We continue to search for good Chinese food. Sichuan Pavilion in Port Chester was our go-to local place for old fashioned Chinese food. Now they have closed.

We often drive up to Greenwich to Steam for some interesting food. Love their chicken lettuce cups and their spare ribs. Have enjoyed many other dishes as well.

Any other suggestions for good Chinese food in the area? We recently went to Manhattan to Joe’s Shanghai and it was outstanding! The soup dumplings! The veggies! all great!


In North White Plains, Imperial Wok. The mainstream items are ok, but the Szechuan and Taiwanese items are authentic and can be fantastic.

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Criminal. The day we were there, the son was going on and on about how happy he was to continue his parent’s tradition, yada yada.

Day late and a dollar short. It was there over 20 years and I got there twice.

Asian Wave and Imperial Wok are good, but Sichuan Pavilion was better.

Oh well.

I knew there was one in North White Plains and could not think of the name. Thanks.

Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown is a winner, debmom! We make an occasional pilgrimage for their soup dumplings. Now, if we can only bring back Tung Hoy or China Lion, that would be great!

We usually find ourselves at Imperial Wok late afternoon on Sunday, and find this the
best time to go. Last time we were there I think it was more lunch time; although
I’ve never been to one I have seen videos shot at Chucky Cheese, I felt like I was eating in one.
You have no idea…
Unfortunately the kitchen on occasion has been inconsistent

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We were taken there for dinner by a Chinese couple we know, and had a wonderful meal. I don’t know if it’s the same without someone who can order in Chinese…

Roxlet I remember you describing a beef roll up type of thing … is what is pictured what you were referring to?

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I think it might be, but that was three summers ago!

Good lord… it felt like you posted about this yesterday
It’s amazing the things I do and don’t remember!
Pictured above … thin slices of beef glossed with
sweet dark soy sauce rolled up in a scallion pancake with lettuce,
and scallion sometimes sprouts and cabbage make an appearance.
EDIT: apologies for interrupting your response to JMF

aberdeen for dim sum and cantonese.
fantasy cuisine for soup dumplings

That looks like a beef roll up, was that from imperial wok? The sweet sauce is hoisin.

Yes…from Imperial Wok.
My post should have read " a sweet dark soy type of sauce "
It seemed somewhere between hoisin
and teriyaki to me…I most definitely
take your word that it is hoisin, thank you for the correction.
Regarding Fantasy cuisine IMO their mapo tofu is the best in the area.

How are the soup dumplings at Fantasy? Do they come with different fillings? Few, if any other eateries do them up here…

wow, that’s a great find chowdom! we always order it at nan xiang in flushing, great to know they can be found in westchester and it looks like a good rendition.

they’re usually served w hoisin but obviously I haven’t had them at imperial wok, so I’d guess you’re right, some sort of mixture.

the soup dumplings at fantasy are good, not great, they do have different fillings (pork, pork/crab). We’re happy to not to have to trek to flushing just for soup dumplings. oddly, pricing is in line with flushing.

as chowdom points out, the mapu tofu is great, really nice, custardy tofu.

They have soup dumplings at Steam in Greenwich. They are good but not fabulous like the ones we like at Joe’s Shanghai in the city.

looks more like beef negimaki, which is really a japanese-based dish. But good food is good food https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negimaki

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it is reminiscent of negamaki but beef rolls have an outside layer of scallion pancake.

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There is a Japanese section of the menu and the downstairs portion of the restaurant has
a sushi bar… in fact beef negimaki is included in one of their bento box offerings…I’ve had it
What I had that is in the photo was slightly different.

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo