westchester cheesesteak

I’ve actually tried too many cheesesteaks of late,but I’ve yet to find one that would qualify as half-way decent. Does anyone know of a good one in westchester. Grilled THIN slices probably ribeye,peppers and onions and gooey cheese, decent roll or wedge. Simple right?,but hard to find.

I can’t help you in that area but feel free to chime in on our cheesesteak thread here

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Mason Sandwich shop in Eastchester makes a delicious steak w/ pimento cheese. If you decide to try one, they go every heavy on the black pepper, so if you are not a fan I would say something.
The description: Steak & Cheese Thinly sliced beef, pimento cheese, crispy onions
photo from their FB pg


Pimento cheese…mmmm - well played! :slight_smile: