BTW if I recall correctly the fat Fillipino was actually banned by the Rutgers administration for being racially offensive… Of course ban anything and it becomes my favorite.

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A Luger porterhouse for two, rare, with a lobster tail, meat balls n red gravy, and tsatziki on garlic bread, hold the Mayo I’m on a diet.


I probably shouldn’t admit this but I worked on an RU grease truck back in the day but it was just before fat sandwiches really became a thing.



They may not be official ‘fat’ sandwiches, but Speakeatery in Asbury Park does a lot of BIG sandwiches with great ingredients… Not open late, though.

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When my daughter was in college at Pitt there was a place around the corner from her called ‘Fuel & Fuddle’. They featured a ‘Big-Ass Fish Sandwich’. I don’t know if you’d call it fat but it was huge.

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I didn’t know there was any competition for Primanti`s in Pittsburgh!

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Wow I actually found a good one, scala’s in long branch. I dusted this half off in the blink of any eye…


Everybody raves about the Cheesesteaks @ Mogos (?) in Asbury Park although I have not been there as yet.

I love Scala’s. One of favorite pizza places in the area.

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Yes it is definitely a good spot. I think rocafellers takes the gold medal when it comes to LB pizza though.

Half pomodoro rosso…too dry but decent

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Lunch Wit:

Leftover NJ strippers cut with some steakums plus Adams reserve sharp cheddar & onions on a toasted Portuguese sour dough roll.

I have to say that I think it is the meat juices soaking into the roll that are the key to a good cheese steak.


Ugh I can’t stand steakums. There are a lot better frozen alternatives. Try steak eze. They are ten times better than steakums.


The last time I tried steakums they had this… awful rancid odor. Is that normal? I don’t remember them being that terrible.

I have no clue. I won’t even eat them. The last time I had any they were stuffed into some fat sandwich so it wasn’t that bad

There is another brand better than steak Eze but I forgot the name. those steak Eze are half decent.

Well I combined the offending article with some leftover NY Strip steak sliced thinly and it made a decent sandwich. No rancid taste. Only thing they had at Foodtown yesterday.

They do generate a lot of juice, though.

The Philadelphia brand you can get at Acme is ok, but I kind of agree with both of you that none of the preprocessed frozen sandwich steaks are really “good”.

Leftover Porterhouse, Cubanelle Peppers, Onion, Adams Reserve NY Extra Sharp Cheddar:


How about cheesesteak pizza? Has anyone had any good stuff lately? Much like a regular sandwich, I find most places can’t get this right at all.

I’m pretty sure your guy at Tre Calore has one, but I haven’t tried it. Fratellis too.

Otherwise they are hard to find around here, unless you count Dominoes as pizza.

To go a little off topic where are the places in NJ or NYC that make what you all would consider a good Philly-style pork sandwich (like John’s Roast Pork)? I like them more than cheesesteaks.