West Lake Plum House - Cantonese and Dim Sum, Matawan

GOOD dim sum is hard to find, so based on the fact that I had read comments about West Lake but had no clue where it was located, I thought I’d give the place its own thread (and SOMEONE (ahem… @joonjoon) should probably do the same for Shanghai Bun.

Here’s the report from our recent HOdown at West Lake: So, HODown for Dim Sum Westlake and Shanghai Bun 9/25?

I’d love to hear about other dishes here that people have enjoyed…

Their web site is fucked right now so I can’t look up the exact menu item, but they have one dish that is insane in terms of what you get for the money. It’s a braised pork belly dish. It’s delicious and my friends and I think it might be the single biggest calorie for the dollar deal we’ve ever seen. It’s like a 14$ dish and there must be easily over a pound of pork belly in that thing.

I wish they would fix their web site so I can look at the menu.

BTW where did you get the “Plum House” from? I thought it was just West Lake Seafood or something.

Ha! It was on their card…

Is the pork belly dish at West Lake or Shanghai Bun? If it’s SB, pleaaaaaase start a thread! :blush:

It’s West Lake! I don’t think there are any pork belly dishes at SB at all. We still need to go to SB soon! When’s the next Howdown? Or if you ever want to do a random trip you can count me in.

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I can’t believe you knew about this dish and we didn’t’ order it when we were there!!!

So the Ho’down in Nov. was my first time at West Lake or having dim sum for that matter. I really enjoyed the Ho’down and I went back shortly there after to take my wife. She enjoyed it as well, so my daughter (23) felt left out so I went to take her a few weeks ago but much to my chagrin they stopped serving dim sum at 2 or 3pm.

Yesterday we made our return at noon. First the food was fantastic as always, second Holy Cow was the place jumping. The place was full from when I arrived at noon till I left at 2-ish there was a line out the door. Wow!!! Great place, great food, excellent service etc. Just really helps dining with people with greater knowledge than mine. We were joined by some friends who also enjoyed from all I could tell.

Thanks to my Ho’s for introducing me to this gem.


Their non-dim sum regular menu is outstanding also, IMO actually far better than dim sum. They have a lot of really great regular menu items, absolutely worthy of another hodown.


I am a big fan of their chicken with black bean sauce. YUM.


Their clams in black bean sauce are great as well.

We’ve been going there for years, but ever since Shanghai Bun opened, we’ve gone less often.


You ordered those during the dim sum HO down! They were tasty! We might need to go to West Lake and Shanghi Bun this week…