So, HODown for Dim Sum Westlake and Shanghai Bun 9/25?

There was some interest in a different thread so let’s give this one a new one.

Meet up at 11 am, Sunday the 25th, at Westlake for dim sum and then head over to Shanghai Bun afterwards if we are not stuffed.

Contrary to rumors, NotJR will not be attempting to eat three full carts of dim sum and no autographs will be signed ;o)

I will be there +1 or maybe 2.

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Count me in! @joonjoon if you’re here and available at that crazy early hour :grin:, let me know. I’m going to see if I can get some other friends to come too.

Mark and I are in.

Sorry I can’t make this meet-up.


OK, so they officially open at 10:30, but I figure even 11 is kinda early to eat a big meal.

But we will get there a lil early and get a big/medium size table for…

sounds like at least 6 and maybe 8??

It sounds like this will be a blast. I wish we could make it but I have to work and Mr. Bean is going fishing (fishing wins over everything). Can’t wait to read the reports.


I should probably fast for the rest of the week, huh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@CurlzNJ well, we will be eating a lot of food … ;o)

Btw, let me know if you are bringing any others with you as we will hopefully get a correctly sized table for us all if we get there early.

Nope…looks like I’m flying solo (except for @joonjoon but I know you have him in the count!)

Michelle and I are in

Great! Will be good to see you two again.

So as of now I have the count at 8.

Sorry I can’t make it. I received last minute tickets to the Giants game and my kids wouldn’t let me live it down if I didn’t take them. Enjoy everyone and please take pictures.

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That’s about as good excuse as you can have, @bgut1! Hope to meet you soon.

It’s been about three hours since we ate and I’m just now coming out of my food coma. I can’t even begin to try to list all the food we ate. The highlights were:

  1. For the first time I can remember at one of these _Downs, everybody who said they were coming showed up.

  2. Finding out that @CurlzNJ is really an old Chinese man and @BossaNova is a 19 yr old bikini model.

  3. The teeny egg custard tarts at Westlake are some of the best I’ve ever eaten

  4. There is no number 4

  5. @NotJrvedivici showed up and ate an entire cart of dim sum then left chanting “Greek me again”

A great meal with a great bunch of HOs. Thanks to all for coming


Thanks again to @seal for organizing another fun and tasty gathering of HOs! I’m still full… West Lake (in Matawan, but actually Aberdeen, but…Matawan) is doing real-deal dim sum for sure!

@seal, @BossaNova, @eleeper and their hubbies and @joonjoon and I did some decent damage, imo. Here’s what I’m remembering…others should def chime in!

We had a mess of (all very good) shrimp and shrimp/pork and spinach and shrimp dumplings off the carts, beef and pork ribs, pork buns of multiple varieties (white, ‘baked,’ and the best of the bunch, which was triangle-shaped and in a flaky crust), a regular order of Chinese broccoli, one of pan-fried noodles w/chicken, and one of clams in black bean sauce. And for dessert? Watermelon (did we ever figure out what was in that?) and some phenomenal egg custard tarts.

Needless to say, I still haven’t been to Shanghai Bun, but today was NOT the day after that feast!

Great seeing you all and I’m looking forward to sharing more meals with you…

ETA that I hit Reply on my post, and @seal’s appeared–at the exact same time. :yum: Also, I’m going for a WALK.


Where’s the pictures? All these get together yet you only post pics of my gluttony? I’m onto you Seal.

I am so disappointed that I missed the HOdown!! To make matters worse, the Giants lost.

Yes that’s what gave me agida.

You wanted pictures. Since I didn’t take any, this is the way I remember our table looking.

And this is me just before dessert.