We're ALL invited to Englishtown Auction for GYROS

Our pal @JoeBabbitt reached out and asked me to post this, as he’s experiencing technical difficulties:


Date: Sunday April 28th starting at 1pm (until we run out of food)

Where: Booth 49 in the Red Building; Englishtown Auction.
(That’s the Northeast corner of the Red Building)

Menu: gyros, spinach pie, moussaka & mezzes (appetizers) + whatever else we get inspired to make

The food’s on us, but please bring your own drinks.

RSVP to Curlz IN THIS THREAD by 4/26 so I can keep track of how many are expected to be there.

Thanks for the invite, John!





Wow … super nice Joe, wish we didn’t live at the other end of the state :sob:

Congratulations and best of luck to you! Don’t know if I can make it but ironically I was just there 2 weeks ago. (Green building next door)

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Holy crap that’s awesome! Best of luck.

This weekend is packed for me, as the holidays are next weekend.

It’s not until the 28th…

((Someone is hitting the bottle again))

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Count Mark and me in (and thanks to Joe/John (?) for scheduling this after Passover is over!).

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I’m in. Can I bring guests? @JoeBabbitt who do you get your gyro meat from?


I’m in

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I’m his plus one

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He’s my plus minus one

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I think I’m in with my + 1 also.

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Gonna try to be here with family…looking forward to meeting everyone!

Great! Just please give me a number when you know so I can give John a fairly legit headcount. TY!

Yes ! Thanks

Myself and DW would love to come. When you say bring your own beverages, can we bring alcoholic beverages?

There is a bar at the auction so I’m going to guess by saying no alcohol is allowed. I could be wrong that’s just my guess.

Keep me posted. It’s fine either way.

I’ve confirmed a couple of things with John…no, we can’t bring alcoholic beverages, so soft drinks and water and the like only please.
I also asked if Englishtown Flea Market and Englishtown Auction are at the same location because I’ve never been to either, and they both show up on Google—with slightly different street addresses, but he assures me they’re at the same place.
Finally, anyone on here is welcome to bring a guest… but he’s not looking to open it up to your entire neighborhood :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Please keep those RSVPs coming so I can give him an approximate headcount. Thanks!