Wellfleet MA-2022

On the cape for the week, not far from La Count Hollow beach. Lots of big waves and surfers last night when we rolled in, fewer surfers today, its a little rainy.
For dinner last night we stopped at Mac’s seafood for some fish, cod loins on the grill with butter, lemon and salt/pepper.
Birthday lunch today at Lobster & Chowder House on Rte 6 in Wellfleet, owned by the Lobster Pot folks in P-town.
4 at the table-2 lobster rolls, 1 hot, 1 cold. The mayo version had a slight edge, a clam roll that was very respectable size-wise and delicious, and a chicken with fries plates. Frozen chicken but seemed to hit the spot. Also ordered a small clam chowder that was very very thick. More than I like but did have plenty of clams and taste pretty good.
2 Hog Land Summer Ales and 2 sodas. $140.0 + tip.
Its a fun spot, with a nice little bar. There were a couple of items on the menu we’d go back for, avocado stuffed with lobster salad being one of them.
We are contemplating searing scallops for dinner but I think everyone is still pretty stuffed.
The Knack in Orleans is on the agenda for tomorrow, after a morning bike ride or a stroll through Tree’s Place, depending on your preference.


Make sure to check out PB boulangerie!


Oh we have! Closed today, opens again on Wednesday. Its at the end of the street.

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We’ll be in Truro in 2 weekends so I am loving your report. I’m hopeful that there will be enough good places still open to prevent me from cooking LOL. (Although we have been on the Cape in the winter with an awesome kitchen and it was great fun.)


I love posts about the Cape. Such nostalgia for me. We went for 20++ ? summers through my entire childhood into early adult. We love to always hit the little fish stand at rock harbor in orleans and always sir crickets in orleans too. Enjoy! post lots!


Rainy Tuesday on the Cape. Should clear out by 5:00 or so. Waves are still pretty big, not as many surfers today. DH and son got a bike ride in this am, before the rains came. Picked them up at the Sparrow in Orleans, after they had recharged with a frozen hot chocolate and an Oreo frappe.
Tree’s Place was a little different than my last visit, although still some of the best tile and craft options around, should anyone need tiles or craft supplies.
We ended up at the Knack in Orleans for lunch, just before the rotary heading east on Rte 6.
Clam roll for me, which was very good, mustard dog for DH (whole grain beer mustard, house made pickles and onion rings), cheese burger for sister and the chicken sandwich (house made pickles, pickle onions, lettuce and sweet horseradish sauce) and an order of onion rings for the table.
3 cans of water and a diet coke. And it was all excellent! The clams had good side bellies, not too heavy on the coating and seasoned well. The chicken sandwich looked excellent, definitely cooked to order and the pickles were really really good. Hot dog and burger got thumbs up as did the onion rings.
Wish we had something like to closer to home, would put the chains out of business.

Pictures are after we started eating-we were hungry!


The Knack has become one of our Cape favorites. We were just there this past weekend (after admiring the high surf from the beach) and shared mustard and bacon dogs along with house-made lemonade and a mocha shake. Definitely beach-shack food done right!

We’re also fans of the Sparrow and stop by on pretty much every visit to the area, and always try to get croissants for home from PB (usually at the end of the day when the lines are shorter and there are reduced-price bread specials). Looking forward to hearing more about your visit!


Thank you for the reply, we have enjoyed the Knack for several years. We had scallops from Mac’s Seafood tonight, seared with in bacon fat with a little panko on one side. They were pretty good.
We’ve been looking at the Outermost Brewery, have you been? Recommend or not?

If you mean the one on Rte. 6, - that is newly opened this summer. An extension of the Hog Island Brewery in Orleans, behind the Jailhouse Tavern on West Road. The one on Rte. 6 in Wellfleet used to be an Italian restaurant with a bocce court. We have not been to it, but the one in Orleans is a lot of fun - sometimes with live music. I’m not a beer drinker, but our friends from upstate NY came to visit and the four of us went there with our dogs and played corn hole. They all drank flights and I got by on everyone’s lightest brew. Wouldn’t go there just for the food.

Thats the one, we thought it was new. Thanks for the intel. Might be a late afternoon stop for a brew and a nosh. I think I’d rather be down on the pier or out in P-town.

This would be a beautiful day for Ptown. A good selection of restaurants, shops, and great people-watching.


Very nice morning on the beach today. Weather was just beautiful. Lunch at home and then a trip into Provincetown. Parked on the pier and walked around. Busy but not as crazy as in season. We found a few end of the year bargains, bought some fried dough at the Portuguese bakery and put dear son on the ferry to Boston.
Checked out the observation deck at the National Park. Just a beautiful area. We will head back to walk the trails before we leave.
Drove back to Wellfleet and we ate on the pier at Mac’s. Cobb salad with lobster salad as an add on, 2 small clam chowders and a clam plate to share. Sat out back on the picnic tables.
Enjoyed it all, chowder was really good, not too thick, had leeks and onions. Good clams too, on the dinner plate. Sweet and well cooked.


Love that ferry ride. We’ve gone to Boston several times on the fast ferry to celebrate special occasions.

We were thinking the same thing, could make for a nice overnight with out the car.
I was glad the storm passed, it would of been a very bumpy ride otherwise.

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We had a chilly Thursday, very breezy on the beach but we did walk the salt marsh at the National Seashore, which is a very pretty hike. Late lunch at Mac’s, 2 cod sandwiches, 1 crab cake sandwich, cole slaw and fries for the table. Nothing fancy but it hit the spot.
We also grabbed 3 pounds of steamers for dinner.
Sister raided PB Boulangerie for treats. She came back with a chocolate tart, cream puff, PB brownie and a strawberry tart. Most of it survived till after dinner. The brownie was the best, pecans and coffee beans and a very light filling. Some of the best pastries I’ve had in a long time.
No pictures today, will do better tomorrow.


Our friends (whose house we’ll be using next weekend) have a guest book. A couple of places that we’ve not been to that they recommend are Captain’s Choice and Moby Dick’s (BYOB). We will try to check them out.

Would be interested to hear about Moby Dick’s, didn’t realize it was a BYOB kind of spot.

we haven’t been there in years, but used to love it -

Friday was another beautiful day and we decided to visit Chatham. Cute, touristy main street that we all managed to spend money in. The St. Christopher Thrift shop was especially well stocked and if we had more room in the vehicle, there were several very interesting pieces of furniture I would consider.
Lunch at Cooks in Orleans on the way home, lobster roll, lobster taco, clam chowder, onion rings and a broiled cod dinner. Excellent lobster, very fresh and plenty. DH ate the entire cod plate, rice and cole slaw included. I thought some of it might come home for dinner, but no dice.
No sure about the chowder or taco. The chowder was very thick and had an off taste which we could not identify. The taco had fair amount of lobster but not much else.
At Cooks, I would stick to the basics, I think they do those very well.
We stopped at PB on the way home, bought a Parisien Sandwich for the 3 of us to split for dinner -
Ham, cornichons, dijon mustard, butter on a baguette.- and 2 chocolate eclairs.
The sandwich was so good, great bread to ham to butter to mustard ratio. I would like more cornichons on it, but thats just me. The eclairs were a thing of beauty and filled with a hazelnut filling. It is a great spot, and I think we could eat all of meals there if weight/sugar/cholesterol wasn’t a consideration.
Saturday was our last day, needed to get sister to Logan for her flight home.
Cleaning/packing in the am, over to Orleans to visit the Artist’s Cottages down by the bike routes.
Very cute little structures with several artists. Clothes designers, jewelry, painters, wood workers.
We did find a few things we couldn’t live without. Some of us needed to visit the Sparrow for one more frozen hot chocolate.
Traveled 6A back to the Sagamore for a more scenic drive and dropped her at the airport.
It was nice to come home after a week away…
A great week (again) on Cape Cod!


@grumpyspatient I hope you won’t mind me hitching a ride onto your thread, even though we stayed in Truro, not Wellfleet. It was unfortunately a sad weekend. We started out on Friday, stuck in traffic but happy about heading out to the Cape in the off-season. We stopped at Treehouse Sandwich to pick up a case or 2. Spring Onion wanted to pit stop so we made the unfortunate choice of the nearby The Local Tavern. Well, at least there was a game room, with a shuffle board and pinball. Small shriveled mussels, not-good fries, B liked his fried chicken sandwich and Spring Onion liked his bar pizza. Both beers that B ordered were flat and he mentioned it to the server who said “oh really?”

Then onto our luxurious digs, our friends’ house that they renovated in the tradition of Bauhaus and just started renting this past summer (the amenities are awesome, kitchen is all Fisher & Paykel and Miele, gorgeous glassware).

Saturday morning we lazed are the house, headed to Coast Guard Beach for seal-spotting (so many of them on that gorgeous day). Big waves due to Hurricane Fiona blowing out. And then we got the devastating news that a friend of ours just got diagnosed with ALS. We had a sad lunch at Moby Dick’s which everyone passes if they spend any time on Outer Cape. B wanted to finally try it. We had lost our appetites upon getting the bad news but we did our best. Whole belly clams were adequate, not Ipswich-good, B’s scallop roll was (to me) an abomination, slathered with congealed cheese. Fries were not worth the calories. At least Spring Onion liked his hot dog. We toasted our friend at lunch.

One last stop at Race Point Beach and the Life Saving Museum. Dinner was at home. We picked up some cod, pasta, and Carbone marinara at Cape Tip seafood and I repurposed the leftover mussels from Friday combined with some tomatoes, sauce, lots of garlic, crushed red pepper (our friends had Curio spices) for a simple seafood pasta. There was the first annual Dark Sky festival going on this weekend, culminating with a sky-watching party at Marconi Beach but we were too tired. Too bad - we potentially missed seeing the Space X rocket launch, which looked amazing.

We checked out this morning and stopped at Salt Pond Visitors Center and a short hike at Red Maple Swamp. We watched the film at Salt Pond and there was a Mary Oliver quote - she’s our friend’s favorite poet, so it was kismet. We wanted a low-key lunch, still feeling sad. I threw out the Knack based on @grumpyspatient and @T.B’s recommendations but got overturned because my people wanted to catch some of the Pats game. Somehow we decided on the Yardarm, an old favorite of ours because it just feels comfortable. Fish sandwich, yet another hot dog, and Philly cheesesteak hit the spot. And then we drove home, reminding ourselves to be grateful for our health and good life together.