Welcome to the board!

Since this is just starting, I suggest we introduce ourselves. I just came up with a quick questionnaire that might start things up!

  1. Where are you from?
    I am a french canadian born and raised in Montreal. Currently residing in Montreal (Pointe St-Charles, not far from Atwater market).

  2. What defines you as a forum poster/lurker?
    Long periods of lurking followed by endless posts. I am very detail oriented and my posts can be very long. Enjoys answering questions and giving directions when I can.

  3. How did you become interested in food?
    I come from a family of good cooks. My mother was in charge of daily cooking and my dad had special projects on the weekends where he would wake up extra early to go to Atwater market or Marché Jean-Talon. All the kids are adults now and me, my sisters and my parents split up cooking on holidays. We rarely do the same thing. My dad is a much much better gourmet than me and has a wider palette. I became interested in food when I learned that I was good at it (i.e.: I rarely messed up recipes) and that being it could impress my girlfriends. Later on I developed a reputation as a competent cook among friends and a that guy that brought the desert you had to try at potlucks.

  4. What is your favorite food item or ingredient?
    Cheese. Big big fan of cheese. American industrial or Refined french, both works for me.

  5. What is your favorite restaurant?
    For everyday low key choice I like the wood oven pizza at Santa Lucia. My best meal was at Le Club Chasse & Pêche. Sentimental favorite is Chez La Mère Michèle (my dad used to be a regular) I have a ton of favorite, it depends on the category,

  6. What elements do look for in a food experience?
    Authenticity. Doesn’t have to be new, or “the best” but an authentic experience will always be a thrill for me. I usually ask if there is any “signature dishes” at restaurants.

  7. What is your signature dish?
    Must be my baileys cheesecake and its variations. I try not to do the same thing twice but if I had to whip up something quick it might be a cheesecake variant. Simple and good.

  8. What is your signature cocktail/beer/wine?
    Cocktail: Old fashioned
    Beer: I enjoy lagers so my go to beer is a moosehead on tap
    Wine: Favorite wines are German Desert rieslings (especially Auslese)

  9. Name me a popular food item you cannot stand
    Organ meat. Nose to tail eating is getting a lot of attention and I can’t stand most internal organs. I know they can be very good (tripes preparations and sweetbreads can be legendary) but I can’t bring myself to enjoy them much. Its all in my head.

  10. Name me an unpopular food item you enjoy
    I still occasionally enjoy McDonalds even though I know its crap.

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Welcome Montreal! Please enjoy the forums here- and please let me know if there is anything I can help with.

I think so far there are 6 or 7 users from the Montreal area. You may need to invite more folks here to get to critical mass.

I can only engage myself. I know a lot of the montreal chowhound regulars are aware of hungry onion and might post in the future.

As long as the Montreal board is up I will occasionally post! Lets hope it doesn’t get folded in world as we will lose our current lurkers (I would not have subscribed if I would not have found a Montreal board, for exemple).

Reaching critical mass is usually dependant on having a few regulars posting interesting enough content to attract new blood.

I can’t believe my link to HO is still up!

Captain, you’re more engaged than most of us, I think. I post all over the place here, though, and I’m old and in the burbs so don’t go out much. The Montreal board is more of a read to me.

as for your questions… Pierrefonds, on the waterfront, after being a city kid for 45 years. I didn’t have a car until age 40 myself. I went to culinary school in Toronto, then didn’t like the grunt work. My signature dish would probably be a braise or stew. The food I can never resist is crispy french fries. I am totally with you on the organ meat, as well as rabbit, venison, bison, etc. I’m pickier than I thought :frowning: I do LOVE a quarter pounder with cheese, about once a year. Those fries too…

Me too!

Most of the regular seem to have seen and commented on the thread that features the HO link. I’ve been having fun monitoring the thread to see if there were any moderators that have been deleting posts and it seem to hold up.

I’ve yet to hit the big 4-0 (not until a few years yet) so maybe I’ll get a car eventually! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m more visible because when I post it is usually such a big rant and so few people are replying on the chowhound forum anymore but I know I sometime take some breaks from posting or stay silent on threads I feel I can contribute little.

I’m fine with most meats as long as they are muscles. I’ve been raised in an environment where there was a lot of different meats so that’s fine. I can’t stand the brains, sweetbreads or “amourettes” my father likes so much and I’m not the biggest fan of seafood or shellfish (I’ll eat scallops since they are essentially muscles but I’m not an oyster guy, I prefer crab to lobster and I’m not a big fan of “fishy” textures… although I enjoy lobster essence in, say, bisques)

That’s where we differ, I love fish and seafood, I just don’t love the prices!