Caresse Antillaise

There’s a new Haitian place that opened a few months ago in NDG (Sherbrooke and Cavendish), Caresse Antillaise. I highly recommend it, I had the Griot with rice and plantains. They fry the meat on the spot as opposed to some other places around town that have it sitting in a steam tray pre-fried. They left a nice little layer of fat on the pork, just enough for some added flavor. Even their rice and beans were super fresh as again I find most places can’t even get the rice cooked properly or it’s been sitting around too long.

The owners/staff were extremely hospitable, the place is spotless and the price for a small Griot was $5 which came with about six good chunks of pork, plenty of rice, a fried plantain and the two sauces that typically accompany these dishes (sorry, I don’t know what they are called). Plenty of space to sit and eat in if you don’t want to take it to go.

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