" Wei's Kitchen, First Markham Place, Markham " - Worthy replacement of the defuncted ' Maple Yip ' by offering comparable delectable Wok-Hay Cantonese fare!

Lover of traditional, well executed Cantonese 'wok-hay ’ stirred fry cuisine and feeling a sense of loss caused by the closing of ’ Maple Yip, Scarborough ’ a while back…Please do not feel despair! There’s ’ Wei’s Kitchen ’ inside First Markham Place to the rescue!
Manned by a talented young chef from China’s Guangdong province and his friendly wife, this hole-in-the-wall eatery managed to follow Maple Yip’s footstep by churning out some incredibly tasty Cantonese fare!
Some of the delectable stand-out dishes I enjoyed immensely during recent visits included:

All dishes were lovingly prepared and executed. Main ingredients in stirred fry dishes were nicely caramelized and oozing with smokey wok-hay aroma. Seasoning of the sweet & sour dishes were spot-on and well balanced.
Coupled with an attractive price point, this place should be on everyone’s radar screen if considering a tasty, casual and homey Cantonese meal! :+1: :kissing_heart: :yum: :smiley: