Weird numbers on our temperture dial!?

why does our temperature dials (top and bottom heating elements) have strange numbers 212, 302, 392,482,572, and 662 ? They must be Fahrenheit, too high for Celsius. But I have not ever see anything other that the standard 25 degree increments on a temp settings dial.

FYI, This is a Vevor Electric Pizza Oven. model ZH-PT-21M

Harry A

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Can you post the instruction manual?

I recommend following the instruction manual. If you post the manual, maybe someone will help you.

Looks like they were converted from Centigrade where they were set at 50C intervals (e.g., 212F = 100C, 302F = 150C, 392 = 200C, etc.)


Ahhh, ok. Thanks! Mystery solved!