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I’ve been to two AYCE buffets that featured crab legs (Buffalo, NY & Atlantic City, NJ). I didn’t see any fisticuffs, but the atmosphere was very tense!


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Life-saving condiments again …



I don’t even know what taco sauce is. I take it, it’s not salsa or pico de gallo.



I haven’t set foot in a Taco Bell in at least 20 years, but I’ve, er, “experienced” is probably the best word, similar “taco sauce” at other fast food joints. It’s usually an even more mediocre version of mainstream-brand jarred salsa than the latter is itself, with a few little bits of (probably dehydrated) onion and pepper flakes and a barely noticeable amount of capsaicin in a base of tomato puree, water, vinegar, and maybe sugar…

As an aside, it seems bizarre to me that the article doesn’t even vaguely allude to the melted snow that must actually have “saved their lives”, 'cos without even water, both dog and human would’ve been dead, dehydrated husks after five days. Seriously speaking, the only thing a few packets of Taco Bell taco sauce would’ve done would’ve been to leave a bad taste in the guy’s mouth during his last days on Earth…:stuck_out_tongue:



Most taco sauce at FF establishments is like a less vinegary hot sauce ala Tapitio or Choula . No pieces of anything as that would then be salsa :dancer:
I think :thinking:

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But that just doesn’t make for the sort of headline that grabs attention! :wink:

Now if the taco sauce guy had the foresight to equip his vehicle with a bottle of BBQ sauce like the good Samaritan in the first post…geez, he might have come out of the ordeal with a couple of extra pounds on him! :laughing:



'Cos we gotta have our Waffle House fix…