Weird News



Woman saved by a bottle of bbq sauce:

(may be disturbing, concerns dog attack)


The BBQ Gods were out in force.
The Power Of Sauce.
Probably Vinegar based,
I’m guessing.


Nope, looks like it’s a national tomato based sauce!

Emergency kit for automobile:
*Flashlight - check
*tire jack - check
*bbq sauce - check!


I’m not sure what the accident was.
I’m not going to get into the pit bull controversy but that’s a bummer of a story.


It is. The woman is lucky there was help. But my mind keeps wondering why the man had a bottle of bbq sauce on the floorboard of his truck!


Rifle rack in the back,
Sauce in the front.
Joe Dirt lives!

(Jimmy ) #7

Ya never know when you’ll encounter someone operating a Smoker on the side of the road?


Yeah, but it’s not worth stopping for if it needs store bought bbq sauce! - Testy Texan

(Jimmy ) #9



You mean there are people who don’t??? :slight_smile: I’m not big on bottled BBQ sauce but I usually carry a bottle of hot sauce with me when I’m travelling.


I hadn’t watched the video.
Sweet Baby Ray’s !


That sort of puts the kibosh on the idea of BBQ regional purity.

(Jimmy ) #13

Back to the crux of the post…

I’ve got an issue with the writer describing the dogs as Pit Bulls with no further comment on breed or mixed breed. Calling a dog a Pit Bull is a pejorative slam on an animal. It carries the implied intent to describe a dog as trained to fight in the Pit. To win. Or die. IMO, most people who raise and love a “bully” breed pet would not appreciate someone calling their dog a Pit Bull.

So, what was/were the breed(s) of the dogs?


More weird foodish news:


I thought it nice he returned it to the water.
I’m not sure if there’s a big recipe baseline for goldfish and I’m choosing not to look because I’ll probably be proven wrong.


This would be a better story if he used a cat head biscuit as bait!


While the mix up is funny I find the excruciatingly long televised interview hysterical for the effort spent to create filler on an obviously slow news day.