Wegmans - What are your favorite things?

North Carolina’s first Wegmans is opening soon and it’s in my area! I’ve been in a Wegmans once and was impressed with the selection and prices of the cheese area, salad bar/hot bar, and the smaller sizes/quality of their baked goods.

Those of you who are Wegmans experienced - what are your go-to’s? What don’t you like?

I’m excited to have this option. Plus it is conveniently located between Costco and Trader Joe’s, with Aldis and Lidl a 5 minute drive up the street!

Wegman’s is my favorite grocer. I like the hang, have a coffee vibe about the place. My fav bakery inside a grocer for freshness, selection and value. From the bakery we buy, rosemary bread, bagels, rugelach, muffins, fruit pastries, danish and seasonal items. Their cranberry orange muffin is very good. Yes to the entire cheese/olives/app’s bar. Plenty of samples. In the freezer, which is incredibly well organized, I can find most small batch brands harder to find elsewhere. The ‘health food’ section is large and well stocked. Prepared food, endless salads including a made to order pear-greens salad, winner. The international food aisle is decent also. A food court, surrounded by a grocer…yeah, it’s a fun trip.

Prices can be great value to holy shit batman…but I have never had to return anything.



The new Wegman’s near my sons place in MA is a grocer megamall and liquor outlet. escalator btwn floors. public dining areas upstairs nearest the prepared food courts. Another well thought out design in direct competition with the retail mall it sits beside. completely diff layout than the location we shop in NJ. The fresh fish dept there is incredible.

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It’s the only supermarket chain in the Boston area that I know of that always has parmesan rinds, which add depth of flavor to soups, stews, and pasta sauces. Perhaps Whole Foods (I don’t shop there) has high end meat products like pates and duck fat, but Wegmans is the only chain I shop at that always has them. The instore bakery has very good bread. They have a wide selection of produce, but in the Burlington MA store the freshness is hit and miss.

I like the quality and price of their paper towels.


My favorite thing about Wegmans used to be that they sold Jamon Iberico de Belotta, but they have now decided to only offer it during holidays at the store closest to me. Boooooo! I need my Spanish ham fix.

I personally really like their bakery dept. I find several of their in house breads to be really good (multigrain breads that aren’t overly dry or hard), and they sell them in half loaves which is great for small households. They also had relatively reasonably priced grass fed beef and organic meats.

Not a big cheese fan, but they always have a huge cheese section. I like their charcuterie selection. They also have a large selection of produce, and usually good quality without WF prices. I often find the random fruit or produce I don’t easily find elsewhere, like mikans, sunchokes, or galangal.

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Our Wegmans opened the other day. I was driving by that part of town around 5:30 and counted 11 police cars directing traffic.

I hadn’t planned on visiting but on my way back home I could see the parking lot wasn’t that crowded. And I needed a few things…it was a zoo. All you could do was shuffle slowly up and down the aisles. God help you if you needed to turn a cart around. The people pushing baby carriages are made of tougher stuff than I am - I can’t imaging dealing with corralling kids and being watchful of them in this sort of crowd.

The store was well staffed, lots of restocking going on, everything looked great. The beer/wine area is extremely large for grocery stores in this area. Prices seemed a tad higher than average for this area. Lots of GF and vegan options.
They had to hire buses to bring the staff in - not enough parking for the grand opening.

I look forward to exploring the store in depth once the excitement calms down.

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Yikes - just saw that they reported 30,000 customers on opening day.

When the first one opened in MA, traffic backed up on the highway on opening day, there were police details, reporters, and festivities. I waited a few weeks, I think it was, after the second one opened, for my first Wegmans foray. There were lots of helpful upstate New Yorkers, whose accent I recognized from my college years there - experienced career Wegmans employees enlisted to train new hires. The natives are not as genial as the NYers, but are still distinctly more helpful than the norm for big supermarket chains here. More like TJ 's staffers.


Ah found this thread :joy:

Wondering what to buy when I finally make it to the new Brooklyn Wegmans!

What are your enduring favorites, that aren’t available elsewhere (like Trader Joe’s) or are better?

Kosher poultry, baked goods, cheese selection, booze.


This time of year, I like the bakery’s Honeycrisp apple multigrain bread. It has lots of diced apple, making great French toast, and ham&Swiss or grilled artisan cheese sandwiches. Also as the bread component of poultry stuffing.

The food court has a good side of butternut squash with spinach, red onion, and craisins. It’s also available in bags in the frozen vegetable aisle. The food court is pricey but is a good choice for quick take-home meals if you buy the entree there but prepare your own sides at home…

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If you can find one that sells the Jamon Iberico de pellota, it’s a really nice treat. Pricey but you can see to like 1/4 lb to keep in manageable. The one I visit on occasion now only offers it during holidays, and I was so bummed they stopped selling it regularly.

They have a really nice selection of cheese, charcuterie, and pates. I also love their bakery. I’ve tried a number of their breads and have enjoyed them all.

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Kummelweck rolls. They are the only place around that makes them. Now we can have Beef on Weck at home whenever we want.


Amen! They became an occasional post- long run splurge for me this fall. With vegetarian salami, of all things haha. I usually eschew fake meats, but make very rare exception for the Yves brand veggie salami or ham. Also- for those in FL, most Publix stores will make the kummelweck rolls for you if you ask, but there’s still something about the hard rolls up north that can’t be replicated down there.


I just discovered this one. It’s not cheap, but I stretch it by adding additional cooked brown rice. The seeds and nuts add protein, texture, and eye appeal. The soy sauce is just enough to season the rice, not a liquidy sauce. This could be an entree for vegetarians/vegans. In the link, if you scroll down past the other suggested items, you’ll find the ingredient list.

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On a whim, to console myself over the series of Alexander McCall Smith’s 44 Scotland Street novels having come to an end, when I spotted a display of Scottish cheddar, I popped it into my cart. It’s terrific! Crumbly, with a bit of Gruyere-like nutty funk. Unfortunately, I didn’t save the label and can’t McCall (see what I did there!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) the exact name. I’ll look for it on my next Wegmans spree.


The Scottish cheddar is called Mull of Kintyre (Mature).