Wegmans Manhattan

The lines for Wegman’s prove that NYC residents are desperate for good grocery shopping. Owners of local supermarkets take note.

Well, it is their first day, which if they didin’t have crowds would actually be disappointing.

Just about every new grocery store that opens up in Manhattan draws crowds the first day, and then trails off for about a week until the crowds normalize.

Happened with Whole Foods Bowery, and the original Eataly location.


Or, just novelty.

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Thought this one was less of a grocery store, and more of a prepared foods dynamo.
Didn’t care to go the first day, but I went to the Brooklyn one a couple of times. Meh.
Still, the standout is the cannoli area.

Would be neat if Mitsuwa Marketplace came to that part of Manhattan. Or, the gourmet market from Bangkok.

O.K., tilting at windmills again.

Hard to make the real estate needed for that economically viable.

Even our H-Marts are tiny versions of the real thing.


Like I wrote, tilting at windmills. But a smaller H Mart doesn’t denote bad quality, innit?
Speaking of H Mart, I wish they had more Korean desserts available. I really dig the walnut red bean things (호두과자), and the hotteok, which would be a boss street food during NY winters.

Then again, given the neighborhood demographics (i.e. college volk), it wouldn’t be the least successful venture, should a miniaturized version of itself manifested somewhere.

Curious what’s going to move-in to the Sunrise Mart space over on Stuyvesant Ave. I’m guessing a cannabis-infused hot place place with Detroit-style mala pizza as appetizers.

No, just less options.

Doesnt happen with Key Foods.

Wegmans. No apostrophe. When it opened in our neck of the woods it was indeed akin to a luxury supermarket. A lot has changed since then (i.e. no free-range truffles out for the taking, cooking demos, samples of all their various seafood salads, etc.).

I still go there for various items, and their store brand is quite good.

Well, it is Key Foods after all.

Exactly. We want clean, well run markets.

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" walnut red bean things (호두과자), and the hotteok, which would be a boss street food during NY winters"

Aren’t these available in Koreatown in NYC, at indie Korean bakeries and markets? They’re easy to find in Toronto.

I expect big grocery stores with a huge selection in the Burbs, not Manhattan.

If I still lived there, I would head to the burbs for a Mitsuwa Marketplace or large size H Mart haul.

Given the current economy, it wouldn’t make sense for any store that isn’t owned by Jeff Bezos to have a mega-sized grocery store in Manhattan.

Have you stopped by Trader Joe’s? They’ve expanded their Korean offerings in the past year and are carrying hotteok.

I’ll go out on a limb and say most of us who live here don’t (and don’t want to) go grocery shopping in the suburbs; kind of defeats the point.

It’s enough of a haul to go to Chinatown or little India or Koreatown for specialty groceries that one then has to lug back. Even the Manhattan Costco is a pain (but thankfully they deliver).


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I opened this thread thinking that Wegmans was offering Manhattans.

Time for a nap.


IF ONLY!!! Sure would make shopping hella more fun…


Funny, just got back from deepest Georgia. The Kroger now has a “bar”, the KroBar. Beer & Wine…


If memory serves, there was a Ralph’s in downtown San Diego (hmm, maybe it was downtown LA?) that had a full bar.
Maybe that’s a California thing, or were those one-offs?

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Whole Foods Columbus circle used to have a bar inside it for quite a long time.

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