Wegmans grocery store coming to Harrison, NY

The Wegmans grocery chain announced Thursday it plans to open a Westchester County location, on Corporate Park Drive in Harrison.

Source: http://www.lohud.com/story/money/business/2016/12/14/wegmans-grocery-store-harrison/95440370/

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If it comes through that would be great. If…

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Odd… nothing on their website … however they are " not at liberty to disclose " :wink:

I’ve become a fan of Wegmans over the year, while I still think they push their brand too much in the grocery section(s), their produce, seafood and meat departments as well as prepared foods is far superior to any other grocery chains in my area. While I don’t like how much they limit the brands they carry and have a Wegmans brand for everything, I must admit the Wegman branded products are generally very good, as good as their brand name counterparts AND usually an excellent value.

Don’t get me started on their liquor stores!!! Hope it comes through for you peeps.

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This is THRILLING news although Harrison is quite a shlep for me. Closer than Binghamton or Syracuse, though, where I usually go. Thanks for posting!

That’s impressive. They’re opening in Montvale, NJ (just over the Rockland County border) sometime in 2017. At least Harrison is more convenient for most in Westchester than Fairway is.

The article was posted a few hours ago. Are you suggesting that the Journal News is making it up? If not, then what difference does it make that there’s nothing on their website?


This is great news. I hear Wegman’s is great. Has anyone been to one?

Me too


FINALLY. Competition to the overpriced Stop and Shop and the obscenely overpriced DeCicco and the overcrowded Shop Rite and the sad ACME, which I thought was going to be a good entry in the pathetic overpriced overcrowded supermarkets in Lower Westchester.

It had better have free parking.

It should be fun watching all the big boys scramble to lower their prices now.

We have been a number of times when out of town. Great marketplace. Hope it happens…

I’ve only been to Wegmans a couple of times but as I recall, they weren’t particularly cheap. I was quite surprised about that.

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Given NY’s arcane liquor laws, I wouldn’t bet on them having one. Do they have them in the upstate stores?

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I lived in Rochester, NY (the birthplace of Wegmans) for many years and it is a FANTASTIC store. They are not the cheapest grocery store chain by any means, but they do run good sales and have an excellent and affordable house brand for just about anything you might want. Depending on the size of the store, they typically have a really excellent olive/Mediterranean bar, a good gourmet cheese selection, excellent meats and often a very wide selection of prepared foods. My favorite one in Rochester has a Chinese buffet, soup bar, chicken wing bar, pizza bar and more, with a lovely seating area as well. I would say it is most comparable to Stew Leonards, except that Wegmans carries all of the major name brands and has a much larger selection.

Unfortunately, you won’t find liquor there. Unless they do something like Stew Leonards, where the wine/liquor is offsite, they can’t sell it in the store due to NY state laws.

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I’m in NJ and about half of the Wegmans here have liquor stores attached to them. (mandatory proofing of everyone, I"m 46 and probably look 60 one summer my wallet was in my car, I didn’t feel like walking back and forth so I just said I didn’t have it on me. The clerk called the store manager to “ok” me for purchase. lol)

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Had that happened to me I would have bought the clerk a bottle

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Wegmans is more about quality than rockbottom prices. I think the prices are fair given the quality of their products.

Could be, MisterBill. But they will lower their prices to keep people away from Wegman’s.

I look forward to the competition.

Thanks for the info, biondanonima. I can’t wait.

This was my big problem with them when they first came into the area. It seemed to me like they limited the brands they carried to “push” their own brand, which is generally priced lower. Initially this turned me off and I didn’t shop there often, however I have found over time their private label products are very good. I have no problem purchasing their private label and taking the savings over comparable name brands so it turns out to be a bit of a win-win.

As you stated when it comes to all the other hot foods, seafood, butcher etc. they are top notch. Unfortunately the closest one to me is 15-20 mins away so I don’t shop there regularly but I do like / respect the brand.