Wegmans grocery store coming to Harrison, NY

Do you mean 15/20 miles away? 15-20 minutes does not seem that much of a trip…

It is for daily food shopping

15-20 minutes when you literally have;

Within 5 min
2 Acme Super Markets
1 Trader Joes

Within 10 Min
1 Foodtown
1 Shop Rite

So when you have to pass 5 places to get to Wegmans you succumb to time/traffic and just go with what’s closest.


I’m happy for more options (never been to a wegmans but heard great things about them), but that is an odd location to put a grocery supermarket.

Yes, it really is a big odd. Its very much out of my way too, but I will go to check it out when it opens.

When Acme took over many A&P stores in NJ, they were not allowed to continue selling liquor. A&P had been grandfathered under old laws. Not so for Acme. Not sure when the laws changed so maybe it was before Wegmans opened their stores.

With Stew’s, the liquor store is individually owned since NYS law does not allow anyone to own more than one store. I just did some searching and while some Wegman’s in NY have liquor stores, they are individually owned by family members. Also it seems that they would have a separate 15,000 square foot store as part of the site plan if they were going to have that here, and the only thing the Lohud article talks about is an 8,000 square foot building for a restaurant. So I think the odds of a liquor store at this one are slim.

Well, I gather that they expect people will make a special trip to shop there, so it will be a destination (and it is centrally located to many highways). Maybe the hope is for other big retailers to buy up other buildings along that strip and build stores.

Apparently its right where the Hutch meets 287 so that is pretty central. Again, from Goldens Bridge I will not be doing my weekly shopping there but I will check it out.

I am so excited too! It’s like a dream come true - been hoping for a Wegmans in our area. I went to college in Geneseo - the Wegmans there couldn’t touch the flagship store by far, but it was a pretty magical place. :slight_smile:

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Excited, too! Never visited the flagship store, but the one they built in Fairfax, VA. is amazing! The food area is a magnet. They also have a community room on the second level where shoppers can relax. One time I actually saw a group of women with some platters of food playing mahjongg…

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Don’t forget it’s right near 684 as well. I understand it’s not particularly close to Golden’s Bridge.

Right - that would be a straight run down 684 for me but about 20 minutes to the exit. Then more to get to the store. Like I said, I’ll go and check it out just because I’ve heard such great things about it.

Think you may be jumping the gun a bit- looks like they have to build it first,that may take awhile (a year,or more ?)

Not only building it, they need to get approval to build it. I’m not sure how difficult that is in Harrison. In some parts of the county (read: Yorktown) it can take years, although Lowes just got quick approval since it wasn’t Costco.

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Little update

That sucks…

According to NYS Law a Supermarket cannot sell liquor. It must be separately owned and operated. That’s why Costco has HB Liquors and Stew’s has a disclaimer that it has noting to do with the food stores.

Right, and Wegmans did that. But apparently they didn’t do it separate enough.

In today’s Journal News … Much ado about nothing IMO