Weekly Menu Planning - September 2022

I saw this in WFD and think it’s funny that’s what you call lazy. Frozen pizza, yes.


Haha - lazy mainly in that I skipped a trip to the store (but also sous vide is basically boil-in-a-bag and cauli mash seemed less work than roasted :joy:)


Really liked the beans and greens alla vodka. Tasted very good for something that is essentially a pantry meal. Will make again.


That does look good and will address the CSA kale situation (and cool weather calling for hearty meals). Thanks for sharing!

Hello to everyone from the suddenly fall like Twin Cities of MN where we keep moving forward with the reno. Most destruction is finished, and when they started framing for the basement bedroom and office the pulled back cause we want to save it (see: Budget!) revealed some very suspicious looking tile. Meeting with the asbestos guy tomorrow morning. Project manager agrees it’s pretty suspect due to the age of the age of the house - 1958. Maybe I don’t want a shower added to the basement bathroom.

But actually feeling rather calm and in control- was texting with SIL who had major damage in her kitchen from a leaking dishwasher (cabinet base, flooring, sub floor) and originally insurance was going to cover damages and pay to match everything. Except they didn’t, so they spent a whole ton of money expecting 50% to be covered and all they got was their deductible back due to some settlement about their dishwasher brand. Perspective is huge!

Actuals and plans for 2 adults and 2 growing girls where it’s hockey tryout week which moves figure skating ice time around and messes with our nicely settled into routine

Fri 23: Pulled pork sandwiches with hoisin sauce, coleslaw, green beans

Sat 24: Recreating a meal out from a summer date night- lamb meatballs with a roasted red pepper/tomato/harissa sauce over orzo with pickled red onions. Very good - I over baked the meatballs a bit

Sun 25: Was supposed to have dinner at SIL’s to admire her new kitchen but she had COVID so takeout from a new place- will order from there again Saw the 3 baby tigers at the MN Zoo- sooo cute!

Mon 26: Tonight! Breakfast for dinner in honor of National Pancake day. https://www.theflavorbender.com/sheet-pan-pancakes-oven-baked/

Tues 27: Big kiddo skates at her other training site- leftover pulled pork, coleslaw, odds and ends as eating in shifts as little kiddo does not skate thanks hockey tryouts

Weds 28: Big kiddo skates early thanks to hockey tryouts. Leftovers of the meatballs

Thurs 29: School open house aka delayed Meet the teacher cause school had asbestos too! NYT beans and greens looks good- thinking I can get it started on the stove top and hold in the crock pot?

Fri 30: No skating- Beans and greens if I don’t cave to takeout on Thursday or Italian beef sandwiches and CSA veggies with extra beef for the freezer as chuck roasts are at “normal” prices

Sat/Sun- Temps are supposed to rise back into the low 70s so will see what we get CSA wise. Still have shrimp and halibut in the deep freeze at the house

Take Care everyone! If you find asbestos floor tile in your basement, hopefully 'it’s in really good shape!"


Ooooppppssss…I went away for a two-week vacation (roadtrip to PEI and Maine, including dinner at Chef Michael Smith’s Inn at Bay Fortune for my 40th birthday - beyond wonderful!) in mid-July and then completely fell out of my routine of posting here weekly upon my return!

Cooking for two adults and one kid (who exists solely on air and her two favourite food groups: carbs and melted cheese) in southwestern Ontario where it is decidedly fall. Currently focused on making meals with fewer refined carbs for health reasons.

M - Ribeye steak split between my husband and me, corn salad with avocado, jalapeno, grape tomatoes and feta, cauliflower and celeriac mash

T - Creamy Tuscan chicken, broccoli, side salad

W - Grilled cheese and tomato soup for my kiddo before Girl Guides; egg roll in a bowl for me

Th - Texmex chicken bake, side salad

Breakfasts - My favourite quiche recipe, but crustless

Lunches - I made a big pot of sausage and white bean soup with a bunch of arugula tossed in at the end.

Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start!


What a lovely birthday celebration - belated wishes!

Can you describe this a bit more?


Carbs and melted cheese, that’s food of the gods.


I thought I didn’t have a link for this recipe, but turns out I do. Here you go: https://mypocketkitchen.com/tex-mex-chicken-bake/


It covers so many bases! Mac and cheese, quesadillas, grilled cheese, fondue…honestly, I don’t blame her for favouring these!


I will 100% be making this, with penne. Thank you!


Made it last night and my husband was intent on getting every last bit of sauce out of the pan because it was delicious! We used chicken breasts, as per the recipe, but will use skinless boneless chicken thighs next time we make it.

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We’re having it tonight with ww penne and CSA Swiss chard/red kale in place of the spinach :drooling_face:

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This recipe came to my rescue last night when I needed to come up with something quick and filling, thanks!


Wow! We went to a few away games before DS was born, but more recently he’s been able to get tickets (only two) for home games… so this is their annual guys trip. Apparently my SIL is bummed that I don’t come hang out with her, though, so this might have been my last solo weekend. :confused:


We had asbestos on some of the (exposed) basement pipes in our old house… remediation took less than a day. It was surprisingly not a big deal.


Glad you liked it!

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That’s good to hear!

We are in the everything is opened up so we can see all the surprises now phase. I had just accepted the carpet would stay and now it’s going away so the asbestos tile can too. The first bid we received was almost $10k less than I was anticipating which helps so much

In good news we found the sewer out access which the original build tiled over in the basement bathroom Sounds weird but I could not locate it. Now I know why


Our house is covered in asbestos tiles. Supposedly safe, but any time we have an issue it is really hard to find people willing to work on it. So I’d like to switch to whatever (wood, I guess, which is what it looks like) makes sense. Your post makes me feel better about it!

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My folks had that issue when they wanted to reshingle their house, which had asbestos shingles covering the original wood. They eventually found a company that did it semi-reasonably, but it wasn’t easy.